• Moonlighting: FP&A Director Gains Insights as Interim Controller
    What's it like to hold management positions in FP&A and accounting simultaneously? An FP&A director for a Fortune Global 2000 company tells his story.
  • Fortune 1000 Companies Buzzing over FP&A Certification
    Last month, AFP’s Brian Kalish met with financial planning and analysis professionals in New York and Omaha, Nebraska. One message was clear: practitioners are interested in the FP&A Certification.
  • September 2014 FP&A Newsletter: 7 Forecasting Lessons
    In the wake of the Walgreens forecasting debacle, FP&A newsletter asked seven financial planning and analysis professionals to share their advice on what they learned from the episode.
  • VIDEO: The Value of the FP&A Certification
    Juan Arangote, FP&A, CPA, CMA, Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis for the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, discusses preparing for the Certified Corporate FP&A Professional exam, as well as w
  • Expert Reveals Crucial Skills FP&A Professionals Need to Thrive
    The FP&A professionals of the future won’t be in the business of providing just numbers. They’ll be giving clients—internal and external—information that matters to them, solves problems, and helps th
  • BI & Analytics – FP&A Functions Need to Invest
    FP&A professionals understand that they need better business intelligence (BI) and analytics to substantially improve their ability to have a profit impact. So why aren't companies  investing in BI an
  • Financial Modeling: Painting the Future
    Contrary to its name, financial modeling is neither purely math nor finance. For a model to be effective, precision financial calculations and accuracy of the principles are not enough and are only pa
  • August 2014 FP&A Newsletter
    The August issue features a case study of how the financial planning and analysis team at Edward Hospital and Health Services improved its reporting process. Plus, new editorial advisory board member
  • Why FP&A Should Lead Enterprise Analytics Efforts
    FP&A professionals traditionally oversee the budgets, perform business planning, and provide financial insights to management. It is time for FP&A professionals to spend more time and effort emphasizi
  • VIDEO: Being Part of the FP&A Inaugural Class
    Eric Smialek, FP&A, Senior Financial Analyst for Neustar, discusses his experience becoming part of the first class of Certified Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) professionals.
  • VIDEO: Why Become a Certified Corporate FP&A Professional?
    Todd Peterson, FP&A, Senior Financial Analyst for AARP, discusses why he wanted to be part of the first class of Certified Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) professionals.
  • VIDEO: Taking the Certified Corporate FP&A Professional Exam
    Travis Lockhart, FP&A, CTP, Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis, IMC, discusses his experience preparing for and taking the Certified Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) Professional e
  • July 2014 FP&A Newsletter
    A new survey of financial planning and analysis professionals reveals widespread frustration with current software and hardware options. Elsewhere this issue, an interview with the new CFO of Booz All
  • Case Study: FP&A Team Upgrades Reporting
    Many of the organizations that are upgrading their FP&A functionality are doing so through larger systems designed for complex reporting. One such organization is a Chicago-area healthcare provider th
  • FP&A Pros Reluctantly Embrace Technology
    Financial planning and analysis professionals widely use Excel and technology systems to do their jobs, but nobody is particularly happy about it. That was the theme survey respondents kept repeating
  • AFP Releases New Guide on FP&A Organizational Structures
    The AFP Guide to FP&A Organizational Structures: Trends & Best Practices, sponsored by Wdesk, explores the various approaches to an FP&A organizational structure. The guide provides an overview of dif
  • 19 Actionable Spreadsheet Tips for FP&A Professionals
    If you’re a financial planning and analysis professional who is not a skilled spreadsheet user, you can’t do your job effectively. Here are 19 tips that will make you a faster and better spreadsheet u
  • BI & Analytics: Key Tools for FP&A Professionals
    The role of the FP&A professional encompasses such activities as planning, forecasting, budgeting, controlling, variance analysis, scenario analysis, communicating goals and results, and decision supp
  • June 2014 FP&A Newsletter
    AFP is pleased to officially launch its Certified Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis Professional (“FP&A”) credential, the first accreditation specifically for FP&A professionals. Also this issue
  • Unified Field Theory: Making the Case for FP&A Standards
    Organizations lack widely accepted FP&A standards and principles, and the range of inputs and methodologies can lead to widely varying results that can adversely impact strategic decisions. In respons
  • AFP Launches Certified Corporate FP&A Professional Credential
    AFP has officially launched its Certified Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis Professional (“FP&A”) credential, the first-of-its-kind certification program specifically for FP&A executives. The l
  • Perspective: What One Exec Learned in 28 Years in Finance
    David Axson, a managing director in Accenture’s Finance and Enterprise Performance practice, will bring nearly 30 years worth of global finance and consulting experience as a keynote speaker at AFP’s
  • May 2014 FP&A Newsletter
    The terms “analytics” and “business intelligence” are frequently used in FP&A circles. But just how different are they? Also this issue: why FP&A must measure its own ROI. Plus, the newsletter introdu
  • Where Do Finance Executives Find Top FP&A Employees?
    Despite the critical role that FP&A professionals play in today’s business world, 64 percent of C-level executives report that the FP&A role is the hardest position to fill, according to a recent APQC
  • Why FP&A Groups Must Measure Their Own ROI
    FP&A teams rarely turn the table and evaluate themselves, but you should consider it a new challenge. Knowing your worth—the quantifiable impact your FP&A team has on the company—could unlock new oppo
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence: One in the Same?
    Applying analytics is now mission-critical due to increasingly thinner margins for decision error. Yet analytics often is confused with business intelligence, or BI.
  • London FP&A Club: Using Tech to Support FP&A
    The London FP&A Club recently held its sixth meeting and examined the thorny issue of specifying a financial planning and analysis system. Presenter Michael Coveney, a consultant with STW Consulting,
  • April 2014 FP&A Newsletter
    FP&A professionals can never get enough spreadsheet tips. In this issue of FP&A newsletter, data visualization expert Randall Bolten offers no less than 19 tips for short- and long-term payoffs.
  • Survey: Budgeting Processes Generally Costly and Ineffective
    Planning, budgeting and forecasting is still too costly and ineffective at most organizations, according to a new Deloitte survey. The survey found that companies take up to six months to a ye
  • Case Study: Becoming a Finance Business Partner
    In 2011, Maersk Drilling USA's finance team designed a specific strategy on how they could become the business partners they needed to be to add value to the bottom line. The team also made it
  • Case Study: How Crate & Barrel Put Enterprise Planning to Work
    Enterprise planning brings the high-level, long term strategic goals of an organization in line with the operational forecasts. Crate & Barrel implemented an enterprise planning solution by connecting
  • Avoid These ‘Deadly Sins’ When Presenting Numbers
    Finance professionals are responsible for most of their organizations' numbers. Unfortunately, that’s only 10 percent of the challenge of communicating quantitative information effectively. Th
  • Bottom Line: Lost in Translation
    In some parts of Europe, the term financial planning and analysis is completely unknown. In the Nordic regions, for example, FP&A professionals are typically called business controllers.
  • New FP&A Club Launches in Stockholm
    Last week, Swedish financial planning and analysis professionals gathered for the launch of the Stockholm FP&A Club. Practitioners discussed the latest trends in FP&A and the new FP&A Certification fr
  • Analytics: A Competitive Advantage for Corporates
    Once considered a “nice-to-have,” applying analytics is now mission-critical for organizations, due to increasingly thinner margins for decision error. Yet analytics often are confused with business i
  • Budgeting: Boon or Bane?
    If you want to get a group of financial planning and analysis professionals talking, then ask them what they think about budgeting.
  • March 2014 FP&A Newsletter
    What’s the best way to get financial planning and analysis talking? Ask them about budgeting. The cover story for March FP&A is a wide-ranging conversation on annual budgeting – some hate it, some don
  • Why FP&A Teams Should Measure Their Own ROI
    Chances are your financial planning and analysis team spent a good chunk of 2013 measuring the value of departments, projects and initiatives throughout your company. However, there’s one group in you
  • AFP Releases New FP&A Guide on Capital Allocation Decisions
    With companies sitting on vast reserves of cash, capital allocation decisions can have a major impact on individual company performances, as well as overall economic growth. AFP has released a new gui
  • February 2014 FP&A Newsletter

    February 2014 FP&A Newsletter Staff Writers 2014-02-06 This issue of FP&A reveals the results of a new survey of the intersection between financial planning