• London FP&A Club: Using Tech to Support FP&A
    The London FP&A Club recently held its sixth meeting and examined the thorny issue of specifying a financial planning and analysis system. Presenter Michael Coveney, a consultant with STW Consulting,
  • April 2014 FP&A Newsletter
    FP&A professionals can never get enough spreadsheet tips. In this issue of FP&A newsletter, data visualization expert Randall Bolten offers no less than 19 tips for short- and long-term payoffs.
  • Survey: Budgeting Processes Generally Costly and Ineffective
    Planning, budgeting and forecasting is still too costly and ineffective at most organizations, according to a new Deloitte survey. The survey found that companies take up to six months to a ye
  • Case Study: Becoming a Finance Business Partner
    In 2011, Maersk Drilling USA's finance team designed a specific strategy on how they could become the business partners they needed to be to add value to the bottom line. The team also made it
  • Case Study: How Crate & Barrel Put Enterprise Planning to Work
    Enterprise planning brings the high-level, long term strategic goals of an organization in line with the operational forecasts. Crate & Barrel implemented an enterprise planning solution by connecting
  • Avoid These ‘Deadly Sins’ When Presenting Numbers
    Finance professionals are responsible for most of their organizations' numbers. Unfortunately, that’s only 10 percent of the challenge of communicating quantitative information effectively. Th
  • Bottom Line: Lost in Translation
    In some parts of Europe, the term financial planning and analysis is completely unknown. In the Nordic regions, for example, FP&A professionals are typically called business controllers.
  • New FP&A Club Launches in Stockholm
    Last week, Swedish financial planning and analysis professionals gathered for the launch of the Stockholm FP&A Club. Practitioners discussed the latest trends in FP&A and the new FP&A Certification fr
  • Analytics: A Competitive Advantage for Corporates
    Once considered a “nice-to-have,” applying analytics is now mission-critical for organizations, due to increasingly thinner margins for decision error. Yet analytics often are confused with business i
  • Budgeting: Boon or Bane?
    If you want to get a group of financial planning and analysis professionals talking, then ask them what they think about budgeting.
  • March 2014 FP&A Newsletter
    What’s the best way to get financial planning and analysis talking? Ask them about budgeting. The cover story for March FP&A is a wide-ranging conversation on annual budgeting – some hate it, some don
  • Why FP&A Teams Should Measure Their Own ROI
    Chances are your financial planning and analysis team spent a good chunk of 2013 measuring the value of departments, projects and initiatives throughout your company. However, there’s one group in you
  • AFP Releases New FP&A Guide on Capital Allocation Decisions
    With companies sitting on vast reserves of cash, capital allocation decisions can have a major impact on individual company performances, as well as overall economic growth. AFP has released a new gui
  • February 2014 FP&A Newsletter

    February 2014 FP&A Newsletter Staff Writers 2014-02-06 This issue of FP&A reveals the results of a new survey of the intersection between financial planning

  • FP&A: A Growing Profession
    This month, financial planning and analysis professionals from all around the world are testing their knowledge in the first global exam for the Association for Financial Professionals’ FP&A C
  • FP&A Club Update: One Year Later
    Launched a year ago in London, the FP&A Club has seen major developments in Europe and the Middle East. Larysa Melnychuk, founder of the London club, recently spoke with gtnews about the progress the
  • FP&A: 3 Forecasting Models are Better than 1
    Deviations from forecast aren’t necessarily problematic—they should lead to a root-cause analysis, better understanding of business drivers and, over time, better forecasts. What is worrying,
  • January 2014 FP&A Newsletter
    We kick off the New Year with analysis on what financial executives can look forward to in 2014. Bryan Lapidus contributes thought leadership on why FP&A should use three forecasting models instead of
  • AFP Caps Successful Visit to Middle East with FP&A Agreement
    In early December, AFP CEO and President Jim Kaitz embarked on a one-week trip to Dubai and Saudi Arabia. In Dubai, he met with Mohammed El-Fadel, chairman of the Money Experts Institute for Training,
  • FP&A Newsletter is looking for Editorial Advisory Board Volunteers

    Want to be part of the most popular financial planning and analysis publication? FP&A newsletter is seeking volunteers to serve on its Editorial Advisory Board—

  • Today's Forecasting Technology: Boon or Bane?

    With modern budgeting, forecasting and planning technology, re-forecasts can be produced, sliced and diced faster than ever before. What kinds of trade-offs exi