• AFP In-Depth: How the B2B Directory Can Help Treasurers
    In the latest video from AFP's In-Depth series, BC Krishna, founder and CEO of MineralTree Inc., discusses the B2B directory, which treasurers can use as an address book for making electronic payments
  • How Same Day ACH Will Help (and Hinder) Treasurers
    Same Day ACH is a net positive development for treasury and finance since this is a faster payment option. But there are concerns.
  • AFP Payments: How to Avoid Becoming a Breach Victim
    This month, security experts give advice on how financial professionals can help their organizations avoid data breaches, retailers discuss the value of adopting EMV, we look at how proposed SEPA chan
  • Cybersecurity: Why Treasury Needs to Know Its Role
    Cybersecurity is no longer just IT’s problem. Protecting the organization against cyberattacks is now the entire management team’s responsibility—including treasury and finance.
  • How New York City Overhauled its Revenue Collections
    New York City faced a daunting task: how to integrate and streamline a hodgepodge of antiquated billing and collections systems and move into the digital age. Today, a single modern shared service cen
  • EMV: To Adopt or Not to Adopt?
    Retail treasury professionals who gathered for the 2015 AFP Retail Roundtable expressed widespread apprehension about adopting EMV. Though the EMV liability shift kicks in soon, leaving them on the ho
  • eBAM: Who Should Take the Lead?
    The latest meeting of AFP’s Treasury Advisory Group began this week with a discussion on electronic bank account management (eBAM). Although the idea of eBAM has been floated around for a while, the f
  • Choose Wisely When Selecting a Treasury Management System
    The treasury units at many multinational corporations (MNCs) are evolving to include in-house banks, treasury centers and other functions often supported by treasury management systems (TMS). If those
  • Microsoft Cyber Sleuth: Stealth Attacks are the Top Threat
    During a special event at Microsoft’s Cybercrime Center, Richard Boscovich, assistant general counsel of Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit, warned corporate treasury and finance professionals to be on t
  • Cyberattacks: The Latest Stage in Crime’s Evolution
    The recent surge in cyberattacks is not merely a spike in a particular method of crime. What we are currently witnessing is the evolution of crime itself, and treasury and finance professionals need t
  • Proposed SEPA Changes Could Improve Cash Forecasting
    Making SDDs more available and easier to facilitate provides a great opportunity to move more of a corporate's payments over to a recurring direct debit format. This will, in turn, make cash forecasti
  • ACH Enrollment Methods: How Effective Are They?
    Recently on AFP’s discussion list corporate treasury and finance professionals discussed the effectiveness of ACH enrollment methods.
  • ISO 20022: No Panacea, but a Worthwhile Endeavor
    The implementation of ISO 20022 has not been without some turbulence. Nevertheless, the standard will help to simplify international payments, and corporations can benefit greatly from it.
  • AFP Payments: NACHA Members Approve Same Day ACH
    This month saw NACHA’s voting membership approve Same Day ACH. Corporate treasurers have shown overwhelming support for the initiative, viewing it as a positive step toward modernizing payments in the
  • Practical Advice from Treasurers on Mitigating Fraud
    Corporate treasurers have a wide variety of services at their disposal to cut down on payments fraud. But if they don’t use them, they could be on the hook.
  • Expert Explains Why Cybercrime Prevention is a Lost Cause
    Businesses are spending unprecedented amounts of cash on cybersecurity. But if that money is solely going to cybercrime prevention, then the hackers have likely already won, argues Josh Goldfarb, chie
  • Federal Reserve to Hold Webinars on ISO 20022
    With implementation of ISO 20022 in the United States drawing closer, treasury and finance professionals who want to sharpen their knowledge of the standard should tune in for one of two upcoming webi
  • FBI Tips: How Treasurers Can Reduce Payments Fraud
    AFP’s Payments Security Guide features key suggestions from the FBI Cyber Division on how treasury and finance professionals can shore up payments security.
  • Payments Experts: Same-Day ACH Could Give Rise to Fraud
    NACHA’s same-day ACH initiative, which would feature three settlement windows per day, looks likely to be approved. However, when you increase the speed at which ACH payments are processed, th
  • AFP In-Depth: Making Mobile Payments Relevant for Treasury
    In the latest video from AFP's In-Depth series, Sassan Parandeh, CTP, global treasurer of ChildFund International, discusses what he would tell treasury and finance executives who are skeptical about
  • Fatal Flaw: Why Retailers Aren’t Rushing to Adopt EMV
    The EMV liability shift is coming in October 2015, but don’t expect the entire retail community to be EMV-ready by then. In fact, one research firm doesn’t expect them to be ready until the end of the
  • How to Deal with Bad Remittance Information
    Although remittance processing probably does not leave you lying on the psychiatrist’s couch, weeping with frustration, the stress of processing remittance information straight-through is likely a fam
  • MCX: Over Before It Starts, or Holding the Trump Card?
    The Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) just saw one of its marquee merchants defect to Apple Pay and its CEO resign. Is this the beginning of the end for the merchant consortium, or just a bump in the r
  • Treasury & Tech: Former U.S. CTO to Keynote CTC Forum
    The upcoming CTC Corporate Treasurers Forum will focus on treasury in the information age, and will feature keynote speech by Aneesh Chopra, the first Chief Technology Officer of the United St
  • Is Bitcoin the Key to Real-Time Payroll?
    Many treasury and finance executives would like to pay employees in real time because of its convenience and security. The key to real-time payroll may be virtual currencies - but financial profession
  • Pinnacle Awards: Five Ways to Make Your Submission Stand Out
    In their 16-year history the annual AFP Pinnacle Awards for excellence in treasury have received many submissions. Tom Hunt, CTP, AFP’s Director of Treasury, offers some tips to make your Pinnacle Awa
  • In the War On Checks, Uncle Sam Volunteers for Battle
    The U.S. Department of the Treasury is piloting mobile payments for non-recurring payments in an effort to reduce check usage. It is using PayPal but is considering other forms, including Apple Pay.
  • Retailers: Apple Pay Mars Customer Engagement, Loyalty Cards
    Before adopting Apple Pay or looming competitors like Samsung Pay treasurers at retail stores say organizations need to be concerned about two unintended consequences.
  • Help for Treasurers: New Tool Encourages E-Payments Adoption
    A key issue corporate treasurers face is getting smaller business partners to move away from checks and to pay electronically. Now, a new educational tool from the Remittance Coalition may finally bri
  • AFP Payments: Financial Professionals Confident in EMV
    This month, we turn our attention to payments fraud and security, with the release of the 2015 AFP Payments Fraud & Control Survey and the AFP Payments Security Guide. Also, the EMV chip card
  • Same Day ACH: Key Benefits for Treasurers
    Treasurers have expressed support for NACHA's Same Day ACH initiative because it offers workflow efficiencies with quality transactions, flexibility, cash and investment opportunities, competitive adv
  • Payments Security Guide Provides Insights for Fighting Fraud
    AFP has released a new Payments Security Guide, underwritten by MUFG Union Bank, N.A., to help treasury and finance professionals identify weak payment channels and offer practical and preventive meas
  • AFP Fraudwatch: ‘Dyre Wolves’ Stealing $1 Million Per Hack
    Hackers are using malware and social engineering techniques to circumvent two-factor authentication and complete fraudulent wire transfers up to $1 million. Corporate treasurers provide several soluti
  • What Will Give E-Bill Adoption a Boost?
    For billing organizations, the paperless e-bill value proposition is stronger than ever. Research continues to show strong, positive relationships between e-bill adoption and customer satisfac
  • Cyberrisk Management: How to Stay Ahead of the Game
    This Thursday, AFP is hosting a webinar to help treasury and finance professionals mitigate cyberrisk at their organizations. Using the new CTC Guide on Setting a Cyberrisk Management Strategy as a ba
  • Wal-Mart Treasury Exec: Chip & Signature is ‘Worthless’
    Mike Cook, senior vice president and assistant treasurer for Wal-Mart, called signature “worthless as a form of authentication” and criticized the rollout of chip-and-signature cards in the Un
  • Effective Controls Treasurers Can Use to Reduce Fraud
    At a recent meeting of AFP's Treasury Advisory Group, Sarah Schaus, Assistant Treasurer & AVP for Allianz Life Insurance Company, discussed effective controls that treasury professionals can use to mi
  • Treasury Insights: Is There a Business Case for ISO 20022?
    Is there truly a business case for implementing ISO 20022 in the United States? That was the question posed to attendees of the March Payments Innovation Alliance meeting in Los Angeles, Calif.
  • 3 Ways to Match Payments with Remittance Information
    A key problem for treasury departments making electronic payments is that the remittance information does not travel with the actual payment. There are options available for matching payments and remi
  • 5 Tips for Evaluating Cyberinsurance Policies
    Cyberinsurance may be the most important commercial general liability insurance policy of this century. As a corporate treasury or finance professional, you are probably thinking about changing your i