• AFP Payments: Annual Conference Preview
    In the latest issue of AFP Payments, we provide you with a complete rundown of payments sessions at the 2015 AFP Annual Conference in Denver. The payments track features sessions on mobile payments, s
  • The FBAR Food Chain: Who Has Signature Authority?
    Treasurers are intensely focused on Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR), and one area that is particularly of concern is exactly which individuals have signature authority, meaning that they need to
  • Time to Change: CHOA Migrates to a Treasury Workstation
    In response to increasing needs for enhanced visibility and control of treasury risk, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA)’s treasury team made the decision to migrate from spreadsheets to a treasu
  • Fed to Provide Faster Payments Updates
    The Federal Reserve is hosting two webinars next week that center on its strategy for speeding up the U.S. payments system. Treasury and finance professionals are encouraged to tune in.
  • Payments at the 2015 AFP Annual Conference
    The payments track at the 2015 AFP Annual Conference in Denver features an impressive lineup of sessions for treasury and finance professionals. Topics include mobile payments, same-day ACH, ISO 20022
  • AFP In-Depth: Developing a Global Supplier Financing Program
    In the latest video from AFP's In-Depth series, Martin Schlageter, head of treasury operations at Roche Switzerland, discusses why it was so important for his organization to develop a global supplier
  • Cyrus Vance Jr. to Talk Cybersecurity at Executive Institute
    The 2015 CTC Executive Institute, exclusively sponsored by PNC, boasts an impressive lineup of thought leaders, lawmakers and treasury and finance executives, led by Cyrus Vance, Jr., District Attorne
  • Adopting E-Payments Can Result in Impressive ROI
    A large retailer wanted to move its suppliers from check to electronic payments. It recouped the cost of the conversion process in under three months and realized a 761 percent return on investment.
  • From Legacy to Cloud to World-Class Treasury
    CA Technologies, which creates software that fuels transformation for businesses, took on a transformation of its own when it adopted a cloud-based, world-class treasury solution.
  • BEC Scams: A $1.2 Billion Threat to Treasury & Finance
    Companies have lost more than $1.2 billion due to business email compromise (BEC) scams in the past two years. The costly scam has become the top fraud threat for treasury and finance professionals.
  • AFP Payments: Allegations Jeopardize Interchange Settlement
    The latest edition AFP Payments looks at what collusion charges could mean for the controversial $5.7 billion settlement between Visa, MasterCard and retailers over interchange.
  • The Pressure Increases on Companies to Secure their Networks
    Cybersecurity is already a top priority for corporate treasury and finance professionals, and it’s about to become even more important. The SEC may soon begin imposing penalties on companies who fail
  • NACHA Proposes Registry to Manage Third-Party Risk
    NACHA may soon require originating depository financial institutions (ODFIs) to register their third-party senders.
  • ISO 20022: New Guide for Real-Time Cross-Border Payments
    Real-time cross-border payments might soon be a reality, thanks to the efforts of a new payments industry group. But is there a business case for adopting the ISO 20022 standard?
  • Think Like a Hacker: The Key to Confronting Cyberrisk
    Even as cyberattacks in Asia continue to increase, businesses often ignore the risk—at their peril. At a recent cybersecurity event in Singapore, experts shared their insights on how corporate leaders
  • BEC Scams: The Threats, and the Dollar Amounts, Increase
    Business email compromise (BEC) scams continue to be the top fraud threat to corporate treasury and finance, as both the frequency of attempts and the dollar amounts stolen are increasing dramatically
  • Collusion Course: Allegations Muddle Interchange Settlements
    The controversial $5.7 billion settlement between Visa, MasterCard and retailers over interchange might be in jeopardy, thanks to collusion charges against two of the lawyers who were working on oppos
  • Treasury Insights and Best Practices: A New Resource
    Each of AFP's six recent Treasury in Practice pieces has been compiled into a new guide: Treasury in Practice: Insights and Best Practices, Vol. 1, underwritten by KeyBank.
  • Bitcoin Tech: Catching On With Treasurers?
    The software behind bitcoin and similar technologies that generate unique data chains, including financial information, has taken a great leap forward in recent months, as global banks and corporation
  • The Four Fundamentals of Cybersecurity
    The innovation in IT security technology is driving ease-of-use and efficacy, and represents great value. Treasury departments should engage staff with this technology in a fashion that is relevant to
  • Armored Car Issues: Retail Treasurers Face Slim Pickings
    Armored-car usage is a top concern for retail treasurers. But many retail treasurers face significant problems with their armored-car carriers.
  • AFP Payments: Why Treasurers Can't Ignore BEC Scams
    In the July issue of AFP Payments, we look at the growing threat of business email compromise (BEC) scams. Treasury departments must be proactive if they want to thwart these threats, and we hear from
  • From Paper to Electronic: What’s Really Broken in B2B?
    While there is noticeable progress with the methods and channels used to process and accept payments, there are concepts that have not been put to use in B2B. Is there something truly wrong with this
  • Trump Hotels Breached: Is Your Corporate Card Safe?
    Donald Trump’s luxury hotel chain apparently incurred a credit card breach. Given that Trump’s hotels have been host to many treasury and finance events, practitioners who attended these events should
  • BEC Scams: A Threat Treasurers Can’t Afford to Ignore
    The FS-ISAC, the FBI and the U.S. Secret Service have issued a warning about an increase in business email compromise (BEC) scams, which target high-dollar wire transfers. Corporate treasurers know th
  • Can Treasurers Motivate Trading Partners to Give Up Checks?
    How can savvy organizations motivate trading partners to give up checks and embrace e-payments and remittance exchanges in order to achieve straight-through-processing (STP)?

  • AFP In-Depth: How the B2B Directory Can Help Treasurers
    In the latest video from AFP's In-Depth series, BC Krishna, founder and CEO of MineralTree Inc., discusses the B2B directory, which treasurers can use as an address book for making electronic payments
  • How Same Day ACH Will Help (and Hinder) Treasurers
    Same Day ACH is a net positive development for treasury and finance since this is a faster payment option. But there are concerns.
  • AFP Payments: How to Avoid Becoming a Breach Victim
    This month, security experts give advice on how financial professionals can help their organizations avoid data breaches, retailers discuss the value of adopting EMV, we look at how proposed SEPA chan
  • Cybersecurity: Why Treasury Needs to Know Its Role
    Cybersecurity is no longer just IT’s problem. Protecting the organization against cyberattacks is now the entire management team’s responsibility—including treasury and finance.
  • How New York City Overhauled its Revenue Collections
    New York City faced a daunting task: how to integrate and streamline a hodgepodge of antiquated billing and collections systems and move into the digital age. Today, a single modern shared service cen
  • EMV: To Adopt or Not to Adopt?
    Retail treasury professionals who gathered for the 2015 AFP Retail Roundtable expressed widespread apprehension about adopting EMV. Though the EMV liability shift kicks in soon, leaving them on the ho
  • eBAM: Who Should Take the Lead?
    The latest meeting of AFP’s Treasury Advisory Group began this week with a discussion on electronic bank account management (eBAM). Although the idea of eBAM has been floated around for a while, the f
  • Choose Wisely When Selecting a Treasury Management System
    The treasury units at many multinational corporations (MNCs) are evolving to include in-house banks, treasury centers and other functions often supported by treasury management systems (TMS). If those
  • Microsoft Cyber Sleuth: Stealth Attacks are the Top Threat
    During a special event at Microsoft’s Cybercrime Center, Richard Boscovich, assistant general counsel of Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit, warned corporate treasury and finance professionals to be on t
  • Cyberattacks: The Latest Stage in Crime’s Evolution
    The recent surge in cyberattacks is not merely a spike in a particular method of crime. What we are currently witnessing is the evolution of crime itself, and treasury and finance professionals need t
  • Proposed SEPA Changes Could Improve Cash Forecasting
    Making SDDs more available and easier to facilitate provides a great opportunity to move more of a corporate's payments over to a recurring direct debit format. This will, in turn, make cash forecasti
  • ACH Enrollment Methods: How Effective Are They?
    Recently on AFP’s discussion list corporate treasury and finance professionals discussed the effectiveness of ACH enrollment methods.
  • ISO 20022: No Panacea, but a Worthwhile Endeavor
    The implementation of ISO 20022 has not been without some turbulence. Nevertheless, the standard will help to simplify international payments, and corporations can benefit greatly from it.
  • AFP Payments: NACHA Members Approve Same Day ACH
    This month saw NACHA’s voting membership approve Same Day ACH. Corporate treasurers have shown overwhelming support for the initiative, viewing it as a positive step toward modernizing payments in the