• Video: What's the Big Lesson for Finance Executives?
    In the latest video from AFP's In-Depth series, Gary Cokins, founder and owner of Analytics Based Performance Management, offers an important takeaway for finance executives.
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    We're just a few weeks away from the 2015 AFP Annual Conference in Denver, so the latest FP&A Newsletter presents a preview of the entire financial planning and analysis (FP&A) track at the the most i
  • How FP&A Can Predict Software Subscription Revenues
    As CFOs and FP&A professionals involved in trying to plan or forecast software subscription revenues will have noticed, there are subtleties in subscription models that keep predictable forecasts elus
  • Cut and Run: How FP&A Can Shorten the Budgeting Process
    Only 40 percent of finance professionals find the budgeting process “somewhat valuable,” according to recent research. So why do we still create budgets?
  • Seven Ways FP&A Can Retain Top Talent
    Finding and retaining talent is a top concern for CFOs and financial planning and analysis (FP&A) chiefs. An upcoming AFP FP&A Guide, “Addressing the FP&A Talent Gap” examines just how difficult it is
  • Talent Search: Why Finance Needs to Use Advanced Analytics
    Hiring and retaining top talent remains a constant challenge for finance departments. A key problem is the fact that most companies rely on old-fashioned interviews to bring new people on board.
  • Want to Make an Impact on the Global FP&A Profession?
    This month, the FP&A newsletter turns its focus on AFP's new FP&A Advisory Council. Practitioners who are interested in making an impact global financial planning and analysis profession should reach
  • 10 Crucial Skills All FP&A Professionals Must Possess
    The financial planning and analysis (FP&A) role is quickly evolving. According to many experts, there are 10 critical skills FP&A professionals must possess.
  • The Business Case for Zero-Based Budgeting in Manufacturing
    U.S.-based product manufacturers incur annual warranty management-related expenditures, as a percentage of profit before tax. The warranty accrual incremental budgeting process faces challenges when n
  • FP&A: Creating Value Through Insight
    Uncertainty is becoming the norm, and companies are struggling to be nimble. How can FP&A professionals help their companies navigate these uncertain times?
  • FP&A: The Advantage of Rolling Forecasts
    This month, we look at how a rolling forecast allows FP&A practitioners to play a leading role in strategic discussions and communications by providing management with timely and substantive data.
  • Paradigm Shift: Why Rolling Forecasts Are Ideal for FP&A
    The AFP® Guide to Implementing a Rolling Forecast: Success Factors and Pitfalls discusses how a rolling forecast allows FP&A professionals to play a leading role in strategic discussions and c
  • Opportunity Knocks: How One FP&A Professional Got Started
    Jessica Cullinan never intended to get into financial planning and analysis (FP&A)—but things change. An unexpected work opportunity led her to alter her career path.
  • New Rules for Finance to Partner with Business Units
    In practically every company you will find business finance functions whose purpose is bringing finance closer to the business. But although these functions and teams were created with good intentions
  • AFP In-Depth: The Keys to Enterprise Performance Management
    In the latest video from AFP's In-Depth series, Gary Cokins, founder and owner of Analytics Based Performance Management, discusses whether every company does enterprise performance management.
  • FP&A: How to Develop a Cost-Conscious Culture
    This month, Dr. Kumar Amarendra explains how FP&A can develop a cost-conscious culture. Making meaningful changes to your organization's financial performance requires a significant cultural shift in
  • Eight Ways FP&A Can Develop a Cost-Conscious Culture
    Making meaningful changes to an organization’s financial performance requires more than a cursory fine-tuning of your cost base. There needs to be a significant cultural shift in the way costs are man
  • AFP Annual Conference: Big Ideas Under the Big Top
    When Giovanni Edwards attended his first AFP Annual Conference last November, he wasn’t expecting was, as he put it, “Comic-Con for financial professionals.”
  • FP&A: 5 Tasks Every FP&A Group Must Accomplish
    This month, we recap the AFP FP&A Leadership Summit, underwritten by Tidemark, which was held in Amsterdam.
  • ‘It’s An Art’: Explaining Financials to Non-Finance Colleagues
    FP&A professionals can practically read numbers with their eyes closed, but do the numbers really speak when they present them in meetings? Can FP&A staff explain the story to non-financial audiences?
  • Get Closer: Three Ways FP&A Can Improve Business Partnering
    Business executives know that they should tap into the power of advanced data analysis and data visualization. For financial planning and analysis (FP&A) professionals, accomplishing this is no easy t
  • Etihad Airways and the Five Stages of FP&A Evolution
    When one of the world’s fastest growing airlines hosts a meeting to discuss financial planning and analysis, FP&A professionals are sure to attend. That’s what happened last month at an Etihad/AFP eve
  • FP&A Newsletter: Why Finance Should Embrace ‘Little Bets’
    In the latest issue of FP&A, AFP President and CEO Jim Kaitz and The Silicon Guild Co-Founder Peter Sims explain the importance of embracing "little bets". Elsewhere, a look at how an insurance and re
  • New Guide Shows Why FP&A Professionals Dive Deep into Data
    How FP&A is Improving Analytics, the latest in AFP’s FP&A Guide Series, provides finance professionals with expert advice and real-world insights on how FP&A can get the most out of analytics to help
  • Companies Must Invest in Finance Talent, Not Just Systems
    Companies with ambitious goals for revenue growth understand that they need to enhance their financial planning and analysis (FP&A) resources and capabilities. The trouble is, so far, they haven't mad
  • Case Study: How One Firm Maintains a Short Budgeting Cycle
    Cooper, Gay, Swett & Crawford, an international insurance and reinsurance broker, uses standard templates and a clear timeline to ensure the budgeting process doesn’t drag on in multiple iterations an
  • Five Common FP&A Problems and How to Solve Them
    After her latest round of meetings with financial planning and analysis professionals across the globe, Larysa Melnychuk, managing director of the FP&A Club of AFP, reflected on the biggest obstacles
  • AFP In-Depth: FP&A’s Important Role in the IPO Process
    In the latest video from AFP's In-Depth series, Jim Grube, senior vice president of financial planning and analysis at Hilton Worldwide, discusses why FP&A should be involved in the IPO process.
  • FP&A Newsletter: Why Data is Everybody's Responsibility
    Who is responsible for data? Everybody in your organization, according to New York Times bestselling author and business strategist Rahaf Harfoush. She explains why this is so, and how to ensure all e
  • Unconventional: How Philips Healthcare Finds Good FP&A Staff
    An interview with Hein Wulf, Head of Philips Healthcare’s Healthcare FP&A Center of Excellence in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Wulf was tapped to serve on the 2015 AFP Financial Planning & Analysis Leaders
  • Should Companies Deploy Zero-Based Budgeting?
    3G is likely to apply zero-based budgeting to help cut costs in the merger between Heinz and Kraft. But the technique is impractical for most companies, according to financial planning and analysis (F
  • How to Build the Business Case for FP&A Transformation
    As CFOs attempt to deliver a wide range of expectations, such as improved forecast accuracy and faster data, transforming financial planning and analysis (FP&A) is often essential.
  • 12 Ways to Improve Your Budgeting Process
    In AFP’s new Guide to Shortening the Budgeting Cycle, sponsored by Workiva, FP&A practitioners and experts had plenty to say. Here are some of the best ideas on shortening and improving the budgeting
  • AFP In-Depth: How to Avoid the Biggest Budgeting Pitfalls
    In the latest video from AFP's In-Depth series, Bjarte Bogsnes, Vice President, Performance Management at Statoil and Chairman of the Beyond Budgeting Institute, discusses the biggest mistakes organiz
  • Remodeling: 3 Keys to Redesigning the FP&A Work Process
    There are three building blocks of any successful FP&A end-to-end work process design: the creation of the future state process, alignment with C-level leaders to ownership over key steps in the proce
  • Why a Strong Culture is Crucial for Finance Professionals
    Culture is the company’s personality; it describes how work gets done, and is transmitted in the stories told by the team, the processes established, and the tone set by the top of the organiz
  • FP&A Insights: Take a Look Back at Capex
    How often does your organization go back to evaluate how capital expenditures are performing? FP&A professionals can find multiple benefits in conducting PACE analyses (Project Assessment and Cash flo
  • FP&A Pros Focused on Rolling Forecasts, Business Partnering
    Chicagoland FP&A professionals gathered for the AFP FP&A Roundtable, sponsored by Peloton Group, to discuss some of their biggest challenges in financial planning and analysis. FP&A professionals were
  • FP&A Newsletter: Insights for Combining Leadership and FP&A
    Most firms understand that financial planning and analysis is more critical than ever before. But how do you leverage FP&A in a strategic manner? And how do you find and train go
  • FP&A Interview: Swiss Re’s Andreas Schertzinger
    Need more proof that these are challenging times for FP&A professionals? On the day that AFP spoke with Zurich-based Andreas Schertzinger, Head Reinsurance FP&A, Managing Director, Swiss Re, t