• AFP In-Depth: How to Define Key Performance Indicators
    In the latest video from AFP's In-Depth series, Gary Cokins, founder and CEO of Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC, discusses how organizations can identify valid key performance indica
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    This month, Futures in Finance turns its attention toward communication across the organization. We look at how effective communication is critical for treasury and finance professionals as they becom
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    Communications is critical in financial planning and analysis (FP&A). Simply put, to be effective, you must be a good storyteller. Here are the five guiding principles FP&A professionals should follow
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    This month, Futures in Finance turns its attention towards FP&A. We begin with a profile of Todd Peterson, FP&A, financial analytics manager for AARP and one of the inaugural class of the Corporate FP
  • Mead Johnson’s FP&A Manager Finds the Formula for Success
    Angeliki Kasi, the financial planning and analysis (FP&A) manager for Europe at formula manufacturer Mead Johnson, tells how the scope of her job can differ from one country to another, depending upon
  • Applying Hostage Negotiation Techniques to Business
    Directly addressing a negative in a negotiation can both diminish the problem and improve the relationship. Too often in the workplace, executives do that exact opposite—and that hurts their c
  • Futures in Finance: How to Be Effective in the Boardroom
    This month, Vivian James Rigney, executive and leadership coach for Inside Us, provides treasury and finance professionals with tips on how to improve communication in the boardroom. Also, AFP is look
  • Speaking at AFP Annual: 6 Ways Your Submission Can Stand Out
    Speaking at AFP’s Annual Conference is a great opportunity to share what you’ve learned with your peers on an important stage. In order to speak, your session submission needs to stand out from stiff
  • Futures in Finance: How to Prepare for Meeting with the CFO
    This month features an in-depth look at how treasurers can adequately prepare themselves for meeting with the CFO, CEO and other internal stakeholders. Also, new AFP Chairman Anthony Scaglione, CTP, t
  • Is Asking ‘Why?’ a Barrier for FP&A Professionals in Asia?
    While Asia offers some of the greatest opportunities for FP&A professionals, it is highly frowned upon to question 'Why?'. The reality is that a large part of financial planning and analysis (FP&A) is
  • Futures in Finance: Improving Treasury-CFO Communication
    This month, Futures in Finance brings you our 2014 AFP Annual Conference roundup, including coverage of a CTC Executive Institute session on improving communication between the treasury and the CFO,
  • FP&A in Southeast Asia: The Right Tools, Talent Needed
    Brian Kalish, director of AFP's FP&A practice, recently traveled to Southeast Asia, where practitioners stressed the need for better tools and talent in FP&A. Kalish also shared the advances AFP has m
  • CFO Coach: The Power of the Third Party
    Who makes a good reference? References are influencers, so it is critically important that you choose them wisely, understand their power, and ensure they are on-point in messaging your value.
  • Futures in Finance: It's Here - Career Development at AFP 2014
    The 2014 AFP Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. is less than two weeks away, so this month we're presenting you with a full list of this year's career development sessions.
  • AFP 2014: 20 Sessions to Bolster Your Career
    From tips on how to present to the board of directors to inspiring accounts of leadership under pressure to advice on how to build the perfect resume, the 2014 AFP Annual Conference boasts an impressi
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    Cambridge Mercantile Group CFO Jason Gonsalves' background in technology has given him a unique perspective as a financial executive. Gonsalves recently provided AFP with key insights into how that kn
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    With the AFP Annual Conference just around the corner, we're bringing you exclusive content from our presenters. Can having a weak culture in place cost you your job? What is one nonfinancial skill al
  • August 2014 Futures in Finance: Do You Need a Career Coach?
    This month, we have an interview with career and leadership coach Vivian James Rigney, who is speaking at the CTC Executive Institute at the 2014 AFP Annual Conference. We also have interviews with Or
  • One Military Leader’s 3 Keys to Great Treasury Leadership
    Most leaders understand the importance of focusing on people and inspiring them. Retired Canadian Chief of the Defense Staff Gen. Rick Hillier, who keynoted the seventh annual AFP Canadian Forum last
  • AFP Survey: Treasurers’ Strategic Role Continues to Grow
    In the aftermath of the financial crisis, corporate boards are paying close attention to liquidity and risk exposures, which have elevated the strategic role of corporate treasurers. This trend
  • FP&A Professional Tells How He Passed the Certification Test
    Travis Lockhart, manager of financial planning and analysis with IMC and one of the first applicants to pass the beta FP&A Certification exam, gives his thoughts on the test-taking process.
  • How Treasurers and CFOs Can Set Up Their Teams for Success
    Workers are happiest—and most motivated—when they feel that they accomplish something meaningful at work. These accomplishments do not need to be major breakthroughs, but making sure your team is set
  • CFO Coach: The Evolution of Interviewing
    Technology has evolved the interviewing process. Video interviewing will create seamless conversations via technology that will dramatically change the hiring landscape.

  • Ten Steps to Successful Presentations
    So, you’ve been asked to give a presentation? Perhaps—for the first time—to senior management or even the board of directors? These steps will take you from content selection to post-delivery feedback
  • April 2014 Futures in Finance Newsletter
    This month's edition of Futures in Finance provides a preview of AFP Exchange's upcoming focus on leadership. We begin with an interview with Cris Barros, treasurer of Mosaic. Barros looks back on his
  • CFO Career Trends
    There are some very interesting trends in a recent academic study among Fortune 100 companies. These trends could impact your career trajectory and therefore, might be worth understanding.
  • CFO Coach: Prime Resume Real Estate
    On average, how long does it take before you stop listening to the person who is talking to you and begin mentally going over your remaining “to do” list, think about what you’re going to say
  • Villanova, Rice Universities Offer FP&A Certification Prep Courses
    Villanova University and Rice University are partnering with AFP to offer FP&A professionals an opportunity to prepare for the Certified Corporate FP&A Professional™ in a new, interactive facilitator-
  • CFO Coach: All Upgrades Are Not Created Equal
    Upgrade has become a relative term when speaking about social media platforms. And venues like LinkedIn and Facebook come immediately to mind whenever “social media” and “upgrade” are used in the same
  • CTC Releases New Guide on Attracting and Retaining Talent
    Recruiting and developing top talent has never been more important. Nowhere is the challenge more pressing than in treasury groups, according to the treasurers interviewed for the new CTC Guide
  • Preparing for the FP&A Exam: Hands-On Experience Is a Must
    Think you can take the examination to be a Certified Corporate FP&A professional without using spreadsheets? Think again.
  • Crucial Conversations Define Financial Professionals’ Careers
    The Crucial Conversations in Finance Survey, produced by AFP and VitalSmarts, features 101 insights from financial professionals describing how they handled sensitive or critical situations at their o