• AFP Data Intelligence Survey
    Underwritten by Capital One Bank
    The recent interest surrounding data intelligence cannot be ignored - the wealth of available data, immense computing power and strong analytical capabi
  • What Are the Characteristics of an Optimized Close?
    What would an optimized financial close, attainable within a year, look like? Most treasury and finance professionals have never asked this question and even fewer have answered it. Here are the top 1
  • CFO Coach: A Good Third-Party Assessment
    Every sport has a coach that serves as a neutral third-party assessor who can see what the player on the field cannot see. It is the same for a job search candidate. A good, neutral third-party assess
  • U.S. Congress Warms to Repatriation
    Since the start of the 112th Congress, both Democratic and Republican members of Congress have introduced an unprecedented number of repatriation bills, aimed to grant multinational businesses the opp
  • OPEC Talks Break Down, Prices Go Up
    The OPEC cartel left its Wednesday meeting in Vienna unable to come to a consensus on oil production, immediately prompting a spike in prices.