• The Treasury Career Path
    Following the financial crisis, the treasury role has been elevated to a higher profile in many organizations. Tighter regulatory measures from the banks have led to challenges in obtaining funding fo
  • Molding Talent in Treasury
    The members of AFP’s Treasury Advisory Group (TAG) met last week in Washington, D.C. Members discussed developing and retaining talent, which has been popular topic of discussion among many treasury a
  • Attracting and Retaining Treasury Staff in a Time of Uncertainty
    Several factors are contributing to the current state of uncertainty in the U.S. economy. How can corporates navigate those challenges as they attempt to develop and maintain an effective trea
  • February 2014 Futures in Finance
    The month, we take a look at the Corporate Treasury Council's new guide, Attracting and Retaining Talent. Sponsored by Reval, and part of the CTC's Leadership in Treasury series, the guide delves deep
  • Treasurers have New Tools to Predict Credit Risk
    The financial crisis made analyzing credit risk a priority, prompting a range of financial-intelligence vendors to provide analytical default-probability services that initially were aimed more at fin
  • A Closer Look at Proposed Lease Accounting Changes
    In 2013, the Financial Accounting Standards board (FASB) and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) issued a joint accounting proposal that would significantly change how companies accoun
  • January 2014 Futures in Finance
    This month, we cover AFP's recent trip to the Middle East, with the goal of promoting the FP&A certification to global markets.  AFP met with finance practitioners in Dubai and Saudi Arabi.  In other
  • Cash Reserves Hold Steady in 4Q13, but Investment Increases
    U.S. business confidence remained even in the final quarter of 2013, with organizations holding steady amounts of cash and investing those balances slightly more aggressively, according to the January
  • AFP Board Member Profile: Adrienne Urban, CTP
    Adrienne Urban, CTP, vice president and treasurer, World Fuel Services Corporation, has been a member of AFP since 1997. Urban has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2010, serves as a membe
  • Case Study: Ohio State’s Investment Strategy
    Convinced that interest rates would remain low for a protracted period of time, The Ohio State University's treasury department implemented a new investment strategy for the university’s operating cas
  • Looking for a Finance Job in 2014? Try FP&A
    Many organizations are planning to expand payrolls next year, but few are expected to add more positions to treasury and finance. Which begs the question: Are there any areas where companies will add
  • AFP Treasury Benchmarking Program - 2013 Survey
    The AFP Treasury Benchmarking Program launched in 2008, a partnership between AFP and the IBM Corporation. In 2013, AFP and IBM continued this valuable research with the sixth annual AFP Treasury Benc
  • SEC Commissioner Hints at Money Market Fund Proposal Near
    In a recent interview SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher said he expects new rules governing money-market mutual funds to be proposed within two months. The proposal would include a floating NAV, Galla
  • Big Data is in the Forecast

    Senior financial professionals consider big data their greatest challenge to accurate forecasting, according to the 2013 AFP Risk Survey, sponsored by Oliver Wyman, to b

  • 2011 AFP Annual Conference Wrap-Up
    Another AFP Annual Conference is in the books, and AFP staff already is hard at work for next year’s big event in Miami. As usual, this year’s annual conference was informative, valuable and fun—in ot
  • Clinton, Slaughter Discuss ‘Occupy’ Movement at 2011 AFP Annual Conference
    Former President Bill Clinton and Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter address the Occupy movement, its origins, and why it has moved beyond a simple protest into a worldwide phenomenon at the 2011 AFP Annual Con
  • Executive Perspectives on the 2011 AFP Strategic Role of Treasury Survey
    A new report from AFP’s Corporate Treasurer’s Council (CTC) reaffirms that treasury is growing in importance within the organization, and is transcending its traditional functions.
  • 1099 Reporting Requirements May Soon Be Repealed
    Efforts to repeal unpopular new 1099 reporting requirements gained momentum yesterday, as President Obama in his State of the Union address signaled his willingness to address the issue....
  • 2009 Outlook Suffers as Credit Market Forces Defensive Actions by Business
    After a year that saw the collapse of credit markets and the loss of nearly 2 million U.S. jobs, five out of six financial professionals do not expect business conditions to improve in 2009, a