• LIBOR Transition to SOFR and Impact to Corporate Treasurers and Banks - AFP of Arizona
    Replacing LIBOR "would be the most profound development in financial markets" for years to come. LIBOR is the rate that banks charge each other for short-term loans, but is also used as the benchmark
  • A Treasurer’s Guide to Open Banking
    Open Banking Course
  • A Treasurers Guide to Open Banking
    This course will discuss regulatory initiatives in Europe (PSD2) and the UK (Open Banking) that are bringing more competition and innovation to the financial services and its effects on US treasury op
  • *NEW* AFP Executive Guide to Investment Strategy and Policy Companion Webinar
    With interest rates starting to rise and new regulations being applied, now is a good time to review treasury investment policy to ensure it will permit the company to respond as the market environmen
  • *NEW* 2017 AFP Strategic Role of Treasury Survey
    As companies continue to evolve through digitization and the “internet of things,” the treasurer’s role can be expected to continue expanding to include, for example, helping their organizations lever
  • *NEW* Electronic Payments Survey Companion Webinar
    The AFP Electronic Payments Survey is conducted every three years to gauge the status of payments and payments methods in the United States. This webinar presents the latest findings on payments metho
  • Complete Recorded CTP Exam Review Course
    Derived from AFP’s online review course, this offering is designed for exam candidates who prefer to study at their leisure and are well along in their preparation, but want a final refresher before h
  • How the Net Stable Funding Ratio Impacts Corporate Treasury
    The net stable funding ratio (“NSFR”) is one of the remaining Basel III reforms. In short, the NSFR requires banks to maintain a stable funding profile in relation to their assets and off-balance she
  • Treasury Management Fundamentals
    Gain a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of Treasury Management and get ideas for ways the treasury departments can add value to your company while increasing responsibility and visibility.
  • Managing Foreign Exchange Exposure Risk
    This course will focus on a best-in-class FX hedge program: review accounting and economic currency exposure sources, valuation basics and application of forwards and options, implications and require
  • Advanced Cash Flow Forecasting
    This pre-conference program uses practical examples to show how various statistical methods can be used to forecast cash flows. Students leave the course with solid understanding of how to deliver bes