• *NEW* 2017 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey Companion Webinar
    This webinar examines the trends in payments fraud in business-to-business (B2B) activities, the level of fraud activity and payment methods impacted by fraud. Experts in the payments field share th
  • *NEW* Electronic Payments Survey Companion Webinar
    The AFP Electronic Payments Survey is conducted every three years to gauge the status of payments and payments methods in the United States. This webinar presents the latest findings on payments metho
  • Formulating a Comprehensive Payables Strategy Part I
    This companion webinar followed the release of the AFP Payments Decision Guide: Formulating a Payables Strategy. The discussion touches many key points of a company’s payments strategy and focuses on
  • Understanding Payments Fraud and Cybercrime
    This course provides participants an overview of the various types of payments fraud and discusses practices in fraud prevention and control. The course also discusses the growing incidence of cybercr
  • Payments: Systems and Processes
    This course provides an overview of the transformation of payment systems and processes from a corporate treasury management perspective. This workshop offers high-level value for all attendees who wo
  • Cash Management Fundamentals
    Gain a complete understanding of the fundamentals of corporate cash management. Using case studies and real world examples, attendees learn how the concepts and practices are applied to real-life scen