• Global Interconnectivity Issue 4: Setting a Global Payments Strategy
    This guide examines how to set a global payments strategy and recognizes that companies are at different stages of centralization.
  • Issue 2: Netting, Pooling & In-House Banking
    Netting and cash pooling techniques have changed over recent years as banks have altered their propositions, regulations have been liberalized, and technology has enhanced the benefits of these approa
  • AFP Guide to Strategic Global Cash Position Forecasting
    There are many organizations which need to develop a global cash position.
  • AFP Guide to Mobilizing Global Cash
    In today’s volatile and dynamic market environment, global treasury operations are consistently being challenged with optimizing liquidity.
  • AFP Guide to Short-term Investment Strategies to Manage Financial Risk
    Today’s strategic treasurers understand that all short-term investment decisions are fundamentally about managing risk. In every case, the cash to be invested over the short term must be placed somewh
  • AFP Guide to Global Visibility of Cash
    Gaining greater visibility of cash is becoming ever more important for international treasury practitioners.
  • AFP Guide to Global Short-Term Borrowing
    This guide is designed to give the reader the tools to develop a short-term borrowing strategy. As with any financial decision, there are a number of risks which need to be managed as part of the wide
  • Assessing Today's Regulatory Reality
    In this guide, we evaluate six regulations: the Dodd-Frank End User Exemption (and its EU equivalent, EMIR), Basel III, FATCA and FBAR, SEPA, the proposed EU Financial Transactions Tax, and Money Mark
  • CTC Guide to RMB
    The Chinese government’s 12th five-year plan calls for continued liberalization of the renminbi (RMB), with the eventual relaxation of the capital account.
  • CTC Guide to Treasury Technology
    The Cloud and emerging ERP functionality are reshaping the treasury technology landscape. It’s an important time for treasurers to survey the emerging landscape so they can make long-term decisions ab
  • Global Interconnectivity Issue 1: Centralization of Treasury in a Global Context
    In today’s global economy, multinationals have greater opportunities than ever before to expand into new territories and continents in order to seek growth.
  • CTC Guide to Capital Structure
    The science and the art of constructing the right capital structure and the role treasurers play in optimizing their companies' use of capital to support corporate strategy and maximize value.
  • CTC Guide to Global Treasury Structures
    Treasury is facing increased pressure to support global business as companies look for growth outside the US and Europe. This guide will explore how treasury is restruct
  • CTC Guide to Treasury Metrics
    Treasury metrics are hard to find. Only 50% of companies measure their treasury's performance according to AFP research.