• *NEW* How FP&A Can Become a Better Business Partner
    FP&A is increasingly playing the role of a business partner, helping drive smarter decisions and improving organizational performance. To do it effectively, it needs to have three key components: a st
  • Painting with Numbers: A Different Perspective on the Craft, and the Art, of Presenting Numbers
    This interactive and entertaining workshop offers both a different perspective on, and practical suggestions for, presenting effectively all those numbers so critical to an FP&A professional’s job.
  • Integrating Rolling Forecasts
    This course will explore how rolling forecasts assist business professionals and leadership in making more educated decisions and taking more calculated risks. Using customized case studies and real-l
  • Financial Modeling: Techniques and Best Practices
    This course introduces the key techniques and best practices for building financial models that facilitate a rational and rigorous decision-making process. Through hands-on examples in Excel, particip
  • Developing an Effective Predictive Analytics Capability
    By defining the framework and building the business case for developing an effective predictive analytics model, this course promotes clarity and ensure that the application of predictive business ana
  • AFP Guide to Addressing the FP&A Talent Gap
    Practitioners say it’s harder than ever to find ready-to-go FP&A talent. This webinar covers the reasons for the talent gap as well as how companies are managing to meet the challenge.