• AFP Guide to FP&A Organizational Structures
    This guide explores the various approaches to an FP&A organizational structure.
  • AFP Guide to FP&A Systems
    This FP&A guide explores the trends that are driving system development and emerging software capabilities, from cloud computing to mobile access.
  • AFP Guide to Making Capital Allocation Decisions
    With companies sitting on vast reserves of cash, capital allocation decisions will have a big impact on individual company performances in particular and on economic growth more broadly.
  • AFP Guide to Demystifying Risk-Adjusted Forecasting
    By incorporating a wide range of assumptions, risk-adjusted forecasting can provide companies with a greater understanding of potential risks and mitigation strategies.
  • AFP Guide to Data Visualization
    Marketing and sales departments have typically made mare use of data visualization than have FP&A teams, but that's beginning to change.
  • AFP Guide to Shortening the Budget Cycle
    The traditional budgeting process is losing traction. Companies realize that a 12-month budget does not mesh with today’s dynamic environment.
  • AFP Guide to Improving Analytics
    Analytics tools for FP&A professionals are more precise than ever.
  • AFP Guide to Implementing a Rolling Forecast
    The world moves faster and the economy has become less predictable. In such an environment, companies are realizing that traditional fiscal year-end forecasts have become less useful.
  • AFP Guide to Addressing the FP&A Talent Gap
    FP&A chiefs are facing a gap between the talents they need to move finance to it's next level and what they seem to find in the market place.
  • AFP Guide to Driver-Based Modeling
    Driver-based modeling links business drivers to financial outcomes, allowing FP&A teams to come up with more accurate forecasts and drive better decisions.
  • AFP Guide to Big Data
    The use of big data in finance is not a question of whether but of when. Discover how Providence Health & Services and Payless ShoesSource are adopting big data strategies to help support smarter busi