• Emotional Intelligence Series: Difficult Conversations
    This online course is geared toward leaders and building your leadership qualities. This course address 4 major soft skills you need to master to be a leader. How to have difficult conversations, be m
  • Data Quality for Financial Professionals
    This online course in Data Quality is created specifically for financial professionals. Discover ways to be proactive when it comes to data so that you can spend less time worrying about if the data i
  • FP&A Essentials
    Finance professionals who are able to transform data into actionable knowledge are in demand. In this five-part series, explore key topics in FP&A that will help participants excel in your job and dri
  • *NEW* 2017 AFP Strategic Role of Treasury Survey
    As companies continue to evolve through digitization and the “internet of things,” the treasurer’s role can be expected to continue expanding to include, for example, helping their organizations lever
  • Complete Recorded CTP Exam Review Course
    Derived from AFP’s online review course, this offering is designed for exam candidates who prefer to study at their leisure and are well along in their preparation, but want a final refresher before h
  • Formulating a Comprehensive Payables Strategy Part I
    This companion webinar followed the release of the AFP Payments Decision Guide: Formulating a Payables Strategy. The discussion touches many key points of a company’s payments strategy and focuses on
  • Painting with Numbers: A Different Perspective on the Craft, and the Art, of Presenting Numbers
    This interactive and entertaining workshop offers both a different perspective on, and practical suggestions for, presenting effectively all those numbers so critical to an FP&A professional’s job.
  • Financial Modeling: Techniques and Best Practices
    This course introduces the key techniques and best practices for building financial models that facilitate a rational and rigorous decision-making process. Through hands-on examples in Excel, particip
  • Treasury Management Fundamentals
    Gain a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of Treasury Management and get ideas for ways the treasury departments can add value to your company while increasing responsibility and visibility.
  • Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) Exam Intensive Review Course
    This fast-paced program is intended for those who are well into their exam preparation studies and are registered to take the CTP exam in the December 2016/January 2017 window.
  • Leadership in Treasury: Entering New Emerging Markets
    Making the corporate decision to expand into a new market is always going to be a challenge. Hear from several experts on this increasingly crucial topic of entering emerging markets.