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The Treasurer-Turned-Politician: Utah's David Damschen



David Damschen

Treasurers tend to be introverts. They're always being urged to get outside their cubicle and connect with the rest of the organization.
So what happens when the treasurer runs for public office? In this episode, host Ira Apfel talks to David Damschen, CTP, on his successful campaign to become State Treasurer of Utah. Damschen, a long-time AFP member, discusses his unique challenges as a state treasurer, what it's like to campaign, and more.

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Guest Bio:

David Damschen was appointed State Treasurer December 11, 2015. As State Treasurer, he is responsible for the treasury and cash management functions of the state, the investment of public funds, including the $11 billion Public Treasurers’ Investment Fund, the issuance of all general obligation and lease revenue bonds authorized by the state legislature, and the administration of the Unclaimed Property Division. Prior to joining the treasurer’s office, Mr. Damschen was the senior vice president and director of treasury management services at a pacific northwest regional bank, having previously worked 17 years in the institutional trust & custody, treasury management, and retail divisions of U.S. Bank.

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