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Same Day ACH Makes Payments Faster. But Is That Fast Enough for Finance Execs?



Michael HerdWhen it debuted last year, Same Day ACH promised to make payments faster and more secure. So how's it doing?

In the latest episode of AFP Conversations, Michael Herd, Senior Managing Director, ACH Network Rules at NACHA, discussed the progress of the Same Day ACH program. Herd commented on how the initiative is going and its challenges, the future of Same Day ACH, and why treasury and finance professionals should take advantage of it.

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Guest Bio:

Michael Herd has been the Managing Director, ACH Network Rules at NACHA for the last nine years. He has also held positions as the Senior Director of Communications and the Director of Public Relations at NACHA. Before that he was an Account Executive at Bain and Associates. Herd has a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary, Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia.

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