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Want to Ditch Spreadsheets? Gauthier Vasseur Explains How, Using Data Science



Gauthier VasseurGauthier Vasseur has held many roles in his career: auditor, controller, marketer, strategist, to name several. These days, though, he’s probably best known as an educator -- he lectures on data science at Stanford University and in organizations around the world. His goal is to help students rely less on spreadsheets and more on smart data-driven processes. Vasseur believes treasury and finance professionals need to become data CEOs, relying less on technical skill and more on intellectual curiosity.

In this episode of AFP Conversations, Vasseur tells host Ira Apfel why spreadsheets need to be set aside, how anybody can be a data scientist, why it’s so important to be professionally curious, and more. Vasseur will lead a virtual seminar, “Leading with Data: Design Efficient and Sustainable Data-Driven Processes for Treasury and Finance,” in May.

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