Table of Contents

Thank you for purchasing the FP&A Essentials Video Series.  In the playlists below, you will find 2 separate playlists the review key FP&A Concepts

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  • Part I

    Financial Acumen: Gathering, Interpreting, Understanding and Communicating Business and Financial Information

    Part 1 Chapter 1: Information and FP&A
    Part 1 Chapter 2: Strategy
    Part 1 Chapter 3: Organization
    Part 1 Chapter 4: Industry
    Part 1 Chapter 5: Macroenvironment
    Part 1 Chapter 6: Finance Principles and Processes
    Part 1 Chapter 7: Financial Accounting and Reporting
    Part 1 Chapter 8: Ratio Analysis
    Part 1 Chapter 9: Managerial and Cost Accounting
    Part 1 Chapter 10: Microeconomics
    Part 1 Chapter 11: Managing FP&A Projects
    Part 1 Chapter 12: Effective Communication

    Part II

    Financial Analysis: Building and Interpreting Financial Projections

    Part 2 Chapter 1: Specifying Outputs and Getting Inputs
    Part 2 Chapter 2: Improving Quality of Information
    Part 2 Chapter 3: Refining Data, Risks and Opportunities, and Plans
    Part 2 Chapter 4: Building and Refining Models
    Part 2 Chapter 5: Using Models and Sensitivities/ Scenarios
    Part 2 Chapter 6: Making Conclusions and Recommendations
    Part 2 Chapter 7: Analyzing Information and Giving Feedback
    Part 2 Chapter 8: Looking Forward
    Part 2 Chapter 9: Sales Volume and Revenue Projections
    Part 2 Chapter 10: Financial Statement Projections
    Part 2 Chapter 11: Valuing Projects, Customers, Deals, and Products
    Part 2 Chapter 12: Risk Analysis
    Part 2 Chapter 13: Applying Best Practices to FP&A Technology/ Software
    Part 2 Chapter 14: Using Worksheet and Worksheet Functions
    Part 2 Chapter 15: Working with Databases, ERP/GL and BI Systems