FP&A Exam Bootcamp

January 26 & 28 and February 2 & 4, 2021

5:30-8:00 PM ET

CREDITS: 0 FP&A  |  12 CTP  |  0 CPE

CPE Field of Study: NA

Member: $495 | Non-member: $595

Description & Sample Agenda

The FP&A Exam Bootcamp is designed to assist students in their preparation for the FP&A Certification through the use of interactive case studies.  In each session, students will be working with other students on assigned case studies that will highlight skills necessary to pass the FP&A exam.  Cases will then be reviewed and explained by Instructor.  Students should have studied the Exam Prep Platform prior to class start with the content of the class serving as a capstone to tie the theory and practical application together.

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Sample Agenda:

Class 1
  • Introduction
  • Exam Tips
  • Warm-up Case
  • Time Value of Money Cases
  • Cash Conversion Cycle Case
  • Breakeven Case
  • Depreciation Case
  • Homework
    • Advanced Cash Conversion Cycle Case
    • Elasticity Case
    • Equivalent Annual Annuity Case

Class 2

  • Review Class 1 Homework
  • Financial Statements Case
  • Delphi Method Case
  • Trend Line Case
  • Smoothing Case
  • Seasonality Case
  • Homework
    • Ratios from Financial Statements Case
    • Practice Excel Cases

Class 3

  • Review Class 2 Homework
  • Revenue Projection Case
  • Returns Case
  • Margin Concept Exercise Case
  • Price-Volume-Mix Case
  • PVM of a Customer Case
  • Homework
    • P&L Scenario Case
    • Lifetime Value of a Customer Case
    • Probability Adjusted NPV Cases

Class 4

  • Review Class 3 Homework
  • Review Discussion Question
  • WACC and CAPM overview
  • Finding Beta Case
  • WACC and CAPM Case
  • Shortcomings of WACC/CAPM
  • Value at Risk (VAR) Case
  • Additional Stats Cases
  • Bonus Topics:
    • Optimization Case
    • Monte Carlo Simulation Case
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 About the Instructor

Self portrait - Carpenter

Mike Carpenter, FP&A 
VP of Financial Planning and Analysis

Mike joined NWN in 2019 as the VP of Financial Planning and Analysis.  Before NWN, he held finance leadership roles at Sparx Hockey, Cimpress, PAREXEL International, Merck Millipore, Lake Region Medical, the Tampa Bay Rays and Yum! Brands.  Mike holds an engineering degree from Cornell University and an MBA from the University of Chicago.  He obtained his FP&A Certification in 2015 and has been teaching FP&A Exam Prep classes since 2016.  Mike and his wife have one child and live in the suburbs of Boston.