CTP Exam Review Course

November 3, 5, 10 & 12, 2020

5:00-8:00 PM ET

Optional Q&A Session on November 19, 2020

5:00-6:30 PM ET

CREDITS: 14.4 FP&A  |  0 CTP  |  0 CPE

Member: $695 | Non-member: $795

Description & Learning Objectives

This review course provides an intensive review of the Essentials of Treasury Management, 6th edition. In addition to reviewing the chapter materials, we will also discuss and implement test-taking strategies throughout each session. This should help participants to better understand the ways that test questions are created from the content. The course is structured to cover the chapters in an efficient and effective way over the four-day period. For this reason, chapters that are expected to have a lower impact on exam performance will receive less coverage time. As time permits, I will review retired CTP exam questions. 

Finally, there will be an option Q&A session on November 19 for any last-minute questions you may have in your studies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Utilize various types of payment systems and Internet technologies to transfer monetary value and business documents between parties
  • Maintain optimal cash positioning through forecasting and short-term investing and borrowing activities
  • Employ working capital strategies and tools to efficiently manage current assets and liabilities
  • Manage cross-border funds movement and utilize international trade financing methods
  • Monitor and control corporate exposure to financial and operational risks
  • Coordinate financial functions and sharing of financial information
  • Determine proper capital structure, manage costs of long-term capital, and quantitatively evaluate capital resource investments

Sample Agenda:

Session 1:
Chapter 1, Role of Treasury Management
Chapter 3, Banks and Financial Institutions
Chapter 2, Legal and Regulatory Environment
Chapter 4, Payment Systems
Chapter 7, Relationship Management and Financial Service Provider Selection
Chapter 8, Financial Accounting and Reporting 

Session 2:
Chapter 10, Introduction to Working Capital
Chapter 11, Working Capital Metrics
Chapter 12, Disbursements, Collections, and Disbursements

Session 3:
Chapter 5, Money Markets
Chapter 13, Short-term Investing and Borrowing
Chapter 14, Cash Flow Forecasting
Chapter 6, Capital Markets
Chapter 19, Long-Term Investments

Session 4:
Chapter 16, Enterprise Risk Management
Chapter 17, Financial Risk Management
Chapter 18, Treasury Policies and Procedures
Chapter 15, Technology in Treasury
Chapter 9, Financial Planning and Analysis
Chapter 20, The Capital Structure Decision and Management


    About the Instructor

Matthew Hill, PhD, CTP, FP&A

Dr. Matthew Hill is an Assistant Professor of Finance at Arkansas State University. Previously, he was an Assistant Professor of Finance at the University of Southern Mississippi and the J. Ed Turner Chair of Real Estate at the University of Mississippi. His research focuses on real estate investment trusts (REITs), corporate liquidity strategies, and political connections. Journals publishing his research include Financial Management, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Journal of Real Estate Research, Real Estate Economics, and The Financial Review. 

Matt teaches courses on commercial real estate investment, real estate finance, and short-term financial management. He completed his Ph.D. in Finance at Mississippi State University in 2006.