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Three-Statement Financial Modeling

Virtual Seminar

Wednesdays, September 25 through October 9, 2019
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern Time

$650 | $750
Computer Software & Applications
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Financial professionals are frequently tasked with creating effective models that are accurate and dynamic. The power of a financial model comes from the ability to change the inputs and analyze the impact on outputs. This course introduces the key techniques and best practices for building financial models that facilitate a rational and rigorous decision-making process. Through hands-on examples in Excel, participants build from scratch financial models that produce baseline and dynamic outputs in response to changes in real-world scenarios. Examples and illustrations utilize financial and treasury applications.

Learning Objectives

  • Define, collect and validate data that is needed to complete a task

  • Evaluate and build financial models that produce baseline and dynamic outputs in response to changes

  • Analyze the outputs, conduct sensitivity/scenario/simulation analysis and make recommendations

  • Use financial models and theory to address problems in the planning and analysis process

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Bill Hu, PhD, CFA, CTP
Professor of Finance, Arkansas State University
As a recipient of the Excellence in Teaching award from the Neil Griffin College of Business at ASU, Dr. Hu keeps his classes current and relevant by reaching out to the finance industry onsite and online covering topics such as Revenue Forecasting, Financial Modeling, Integrated Financial Statements, Data Analytics and Visualization, Simulations, Big Data, and Excel. Over the years, he has trained thousands of finance professionals on these topics.

Dr. Hu's research includes pricing strategies, market microstructure, behavioral finance, etc. When writing doctoral essays in 2008, Dr. Hu applied machine learning (ML) to classify stock spam emails and disseminated the impacts of spam messages on financial markets in multiple research papers. Recently, he has started projects related to cryptocurrencies. Prior to the study of finance, Dr. Hu was a nanotechnologist and had a variety of scholarly articles and patents in the field of chemistry.