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Negotiation Skills for Finance and Treasury Professionals

Virtual Seminar

Monday, December 16th and Wednesday, December 18th, 2019
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern Time

$400 | $500
Communications and Marketing
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This course trains participants to negotiate more effectively, following an interest-based negotiation model. Each session will begin with a contextual discussion of an “Explore, Expand, Divide” framework for negotiation.

Designed to be practically applicable for professionals who have limited time and resources to devote to negotiation preparation, this approach operationalizes the three most important phases of any negotiation: explore the context of the negotiation (the parties, the resources available to those parties, etc.); expand the constraints of the negotiation (add additional parties, identify new resources, build win-win solutions); and divide the expanded resources appropriately (relying on objective standards to bolster your proposals).

Learning Objectives

After attending this seminar, attendees will be able to:

  • negotiate more effectively.

  • prepare for negotiations more efficiently individually and as teams.

  • better understand the needs and interests of stakeholders and external parties.

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Headshot Colin McRoberts
Co-Founder, Vasher McRoberts

Colin assists his clients with negotiation, communication, and strategy in complex and difficult situations. He’s helped improve commercial negotiations, advised diplomats in international multilateral talks, and built better relationships between aboriginal peoples and governments. His clients include two of the Fortune 500 Top 10, large and small non-profits, U.S. and foreign government institutions, the U.S. military, and leaders in sectors such as finance, construction, consumer electronics, insurance, labor relations, and fine arts. He works on the ground with clients in dozens of countries. He currently offers services through two consulting firms, and in 2018 he started teaching negotiation at the University of Kansas School of Law. Colin graduated from Harvard Law School and practiced commercial litigation with Steptoe & Johnson. As a lawyer, he secured multimillion-dollar wins for our clients. As a consultant, he applies that experience to analyze his clients' needs and interests with a critical eye.