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AFP Executive Perspectives

Executive Perspectives on Reassessing Your Investment Policy

Despite having years to prepare, many treasury departments still do not have a handle on how their investment policies will change come October 2016, when money market fund (MMF) reforms finally kick in.

Executive Perspectives on Protecting Earnings from FX Swings

Foreign exchange (FX) risk poses a challenge for all exporting companies, regardless of size or experience. In today’s tough business environment, U.S. multinationals know this to be all too true.

Executive Perspectives on the 2014 Money Market Funds Reform

Regulatory reform continues to raise questions regarding the fate of treasury investments in money market funds.

Executive Perspectives on the 2013 AFP Liquidity Survey

Find practitioners’ reactions on the survey results addressing managing short-term cash in a volatile regulatory environment, Money Market Funds proposals, and expiration of TAG.

Executive Perspectives on the 2012 AFP Liquidity Survey

A summary of interviews including peer insights and comments on the 2012 AFP Liquidity Survey results.

Executive Perspectives on the 2011 AFP Strategic Role of Treasury Survey

A new report from AFP’s Corporate Treasurer’s Council (CTC) reaffirms that treasury is growing in importance within the organization, and is transcending its traditional functions.