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Executive Guides

Operating Regional Treasury Centers
Underwritten by Thomson Reuters

This AFP Executive guide outlines the factors organizations need to consider when establishing and structuring a regional treasury center. 

Treasury's Impact on the Financial Statements
Underwritten by Chatham Financial

This guide outlines how treasurers are playing a more proactive role at their organizations, and how treasury practitioners generate value and impact the bottom line. 

Managing Gray Swan Events
Underwritten by OpenLink

AFP’s latest Executive Guide  intends to help strategic treasury practitioners identify ways in which they can be more proactive in identifying and monitoring exposures at an enterprise-wide level.

Tax and Treasury
Underwritten by Thomson Reuters

This guide has been written to help treasury practitioners partner with their organization's tax department to open the communication channels in an attempt to think more strategically and help accomplish their shared goals.

Investment Strategy and Policy
Underwritten by J.P. Morgan Asset Management

This guide has been written to help treasury practitioners develop an investment policy that permits the adoption of an investment approach, which reflects the company’s various different tolerances for risk.

Global Transaction Banking
Underwritten by BNP Paribas

This guide aims to help treasury practitioners navigate the process of initiating and managing a good set of bank relationships.

Capital Structure: Striking the Right Balance
Underwritten by Thomson Reuters

This guide has been designed to support practitioners in achieving the right balance between the use of debt and equity to fund their organizations.

FX Risk Management in a New Era of Volatility
Underwritten by Chatham Financial

This guide aims to support treasury practitioners in developing a strategy and policy to manage foreign exchange risk. It explains the various instruments to be used in hedging.

Global Interconnectivity Issue 4: Setting a Global Payments Strategy
Underwritten by J.P. Morgan

This guide examines how to set a global payments strategy and recognizes that companies are at different stages of centralization.

Global Interconnectivity Issue 3: Communications in a Global Treasury
CTC Series on Global Interconnectivity

This guide focuses on the communications needed to make global treasury structures work as efficiently as possible.

Issue 2: Netting, Pooling & In-House Banking
CTC Series on Global Interconnectivity

Netting and cash pooling techniques have changed over recent years as banks have altered their propositions, regulations have been liberalized, and technology has enhanced the benefits of these approaches.

Global Interconnectivity Issue 1: Centralization of Treasury in a Global Context
CTC Series on Global Interconnectivity

In today’s global economy, multinationals have greater opportunities than ever before to expand into new territories and continents in order to seek growth.

CTC Guide to Effective Compliance With Global Regulations
Supported by Thomson Reuters

One of the biggest challenges facing corporate treasurers is how to respond to the mass of proposed and new regulations around the world

CTC Guide to Cybersecurity
Supported by Marsh & McLennan Companies

Seemingly every day there is a new report of a high-profile security breach at a major national or multinational corporation.

CTC Guide to Leading ERM
Sponsored by Reval

More and more treasury professionals are playing a more strategic role in their organizations today than they were five years ago; however, only 25 percent report that their view of the organization is now more holistic.

CTC Guide to Entering New Emerging Markets

This guide focuses on the scenario where the requirement is to establish treasury operations in a new emerging market.

CTC Guide to Risk In The Supply Chain
Sponsored by Reval

In this guide, we explore some of the ways treasurers can use their skills and insights to support strategic management of risk in the supply chain.

CTC Guide to Attracting & Retaining Talent
Sponsored by Reval

Finding and developing talent is a challenge for all finance organizations.

CTC Guide to RMB
Sponsored by Standard Chartered

The Chinese government’s 12th five-year plan calls for continued liberalization of the renminbi (RMB), with the eventual relaxation of the capital account.

CTC Guide to ERM
Sponsored by PwC

This is not the typical Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) guide. Instead it focuses on the experiences of five companies and their ERM programs.

CTC Guide to Corporate Insurance

The corporate insurance market is going through a profound transformation. The costs of premiums are rising, reflecting trends in the insurance market.

CTC Guide to Treasury Technology

The Cloud and emerging ERP functionality are reshaping the treasury technology landscape. It’s an important time for treasurers to survey the emerging landscape so they can make long-term decisions about systems investments.

CTC Guide to Global Treasury Structures

Treasury is facing increased pressure to support global business as companies look for growth outside the US and Europe. This guide will explore how treasury is restruct

CTC Guide to FX

Foreign exchange risk is not a new issue for today's organizations.

CTC Guide to EBAM

Bank account management has not changed in decades. It almost always requires a wet signature, reams of paperwork and a tedious manual process

CTC Guide to Counterparty Risk Management

Counterparty credit risk is an issue of growing concern among Boards, senior management and now treasurers.

CTC Guide to Treasury Metrics

Treasury metrics are hard to find. Only 50% of companies measure their treasury's performance according to AFP research.

CTC Guide to Capital Structure

The science and the art of constructing the right capital structure and the role treasurers play in optimizing their companies' use of capital to support corporate strategy and maximize value.