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AFP Payments Guides

The Advent of New Cross-Border Payments Systems
Underwritten by MUFG Union Bank

The new AFP Payments Guide, underwritten by MUFG Union Bank, provides an in-depth look at cross-border payments systems, to help you determine if you should consider shaking up the way you pay internationally.

Better Card Management Solutions
Underwritten by MUFG Union Bank

This guide covers effective management of card-related fees and other costs, prevention of fraud and chargebacks, and implications of faster payments.

Not Going Anywhere: Why Checks Still Matter
Underwritten by MUFG Union Bank

This guide examines why so many corporates still use checks, why checks are the payment method most susceptible to fraud, and what treasury professionals can do to protect themselves when paying by check.

Faster and Better: Faster Payments Initiatives Take Off in 2017
Underwritten by MUFG Union Bank

This guide aims to give practitioners the insights they need as they evaluate the challenges and opportunities in faster payments solutions.


Trust, But Verify: How to Stop Business Email Compromise Attacks
Underwritten by MUFG Union Bank

This guide will examine the basic steps companies can take today to minimize—if never completely eliminate—cyberthreats.

Payback: Securing Your Payment Channels
Underwritten by MUFG Union Bank

Incidents of payments fraud are escalating at an alarming rate as fraudsters continue to outpace technology developers and law enforcement. 

AFP Guide to Creating a Payables Strategy (Part 2)

This guide offers a more advanced view of payments types, especially electronic payments, straight-through processing (STP), industry leaders and facilitators, all while advising companies to “future-proof” their strategy.

AFP Guide to Creating a Payables Strategy (Part 1)

This guide outlines the rationale for developing a comprehensive payments strategy.

AFP Guide to Utilizing a Payments Factory

This guide describes options for organizing payments functions, explains nuances of the various concepts related to payment factories and shared service centers (SSC), and provides guidelines for implementing successful payment factory programs.

AFP Guide to Implementing a P-Card Program

This guide explains the evolution of purchasing card (p-card) use, reveals the benefits of p-cards for companies, and illustrates best practices for implementing successful p-card programs. It also provides insight and tips from p-card practitioners.

AFP Guide to Optimizing Your Relationship with Your Acquiring Partner

This guide focuses on strategies for managing payment acceptance costs and negotiating with merchant account providers.

AFP Guide to Business Commerce Portals

Second in the AFP Payments Decision Guide Series, this guide on Business Commerce Payments Portals addresses the various portal models and the potential benefits for companies.

AFP Guide to Payroll Card Programs

Learn to better manage your role in justifying and deploying new or updated programs at your company. Topic areas include setting goals, determining project scope, making the business case, and establishing program features and requirements vendor selection.