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2022 AFP and Zanders Whitepaper: Payments Innovation and Corporate Treasury Impacts — Beyond the Hype

In collaboration with Zanders

AFP 2022 Payments Whitepaper in collaboration with Zanders

There is so much more to payments than just the monetary transaction between two parties.

This is especially true as new real-time payment (RTP) infrastructure rails with more character-rich ISO20022 messaging capabilities merge with real-time data processing to offer instant information-packed services. Payments isn’t just a process that should be looked at from an operational performance point of view, but something that provides real opportunities to leverage data, create value and stay relevant to the consumer.

But as ever, it is how you align the people, process and technology that truly matters. It is aligning the skills, procedures and systems well that will enable corporate treasurers to improve their businesses’ cash optimization, working capital, sales, reach, data transparency and efficiency, currency risk hedging procedures, supply chain and so on.

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The current payment landscape

  • Digital transformation of the payment ecosystem was accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Payment innovation can be expected to continue, with convenience, security, speed and frictionless processing of payments becoming the de-facto standard in the world of e-commerce.

"The ultimate benchmark for payments is ‘one-click payment’ such as Apple Pay/mobile payments – you don’t want your client to click five times and key in data to make a payment."


Corporate treasury impacts and the need for treasury to be strategic

• Corporate treasury have an integral role to play in defining an enterprise-wide payment strategy that delivers scalability, security, compliance and resilience.

• Treasurers must adopt a strategic role, proactively informing decision-making and keeping abreast of the continued evolution the payments ecosystem, in order to remain relevant to the consumer and the business.

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Payments innovation: Adoption challenges

  • Evaluate emerging solutions and technologies that will help the company advance and grow its business.
  • Achieve organization-wide buy-in to make technological advancements a way of doing business.

"Companies often look at the cost vs. the value that new capabilities can provide. A value-based approach is essential to properly rationalize innovative tech. In addition, IT resources and collaboration can be a constraint.”


Blueprint for the future: Data mastery

• A digital transformation roadmap is a good starting part, as is having a ‘lighthouse project’ that demonstrates the power of payment innovation to positively improve business performance and operations. Involving many different stakeholders will be necessary to get buy-in and a greenlight for transformation.

• The modern, skilled treasury professional needs to have technology and analytical skills. Effective leadership, including change management expertise, is essential to digitize effectively.

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