War for Talent: Upskilling for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Upskilling internal talent promotes diversity and advancement. Companies should focus on employee development when recruiting.


Exploring the Digital Transformation of Treasury
AFP and Zanders analyze the digital transformation of treasury and its critical implications.


The AFP FP&A Momentum Index: Results from Q2
The AFP Quarterly Indicator Survey shows improved business climate indicators, including outlook and recent performance, but increased risk.


Why Psychological Safety Is Key for FP&A
Typically employees work in teams to maximize their skills and performance. But what makes a successful team?


The Creative Revolution in Finance Profession Requires A Mindshift
Shawn Kanungo highlights the need for an innovation disruption mindset in the finance profession and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in driving digital transformation.


Your Hidden Gem Is the Talent You Already Have
Upskilling current employees helps organizations develop talent and build a diverse workforce.


FP&A Continues to Specialize in the APAC Region
The APAC FP&A Advisory Council promotes best practices and innovation in the Asia-Pacific region.


AFP FinNext Asia: Thriving in an Era of Exponential Change
The world is being profoundly changed by systems leveraging artificial intelligence, which is drastically changing the future of work, including how companies compete, what work is done by humans, and how FP&A professionals can adapt to add value to their organizations. Author and world-renowned future-of-work expert Ben Pring will discuss this topic during his Keynote speech at AFP FinNext Asia, taking place virtually 15-17 June 2021.


The Role of FP&A: Better Business Partnering Leads to Better Strategy
Bain & Company's Steve Beam joins AFP for a webinar on better business partnering and solving the issue of FP&A professionals being buried in basic duties.


As Fraud Continues to Dominate, Knowing Where it is Evolving is Key
As a follow-up to the 2021 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey, underwritten by J.P. Morgan, the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) recently held a companion webinar, “Beyond Business Email Compromise (BEC): Where Fraud is Evolving.” The webinar provided attendees with a review the latest trends in payments fraud, the tools being used to prevent fraud and, more importantly, from a risk management perspective, where companies can employ insurance to further mitigate potential risk.


AFP 2021 Conference Planning Task Force: Meet the Co-Chairs
The AFP 2021 Conference Planning Task Force is made up of experienced practitioners tasked with selecting the most relevant, timely and useful content to treasury and finance professionals. We recently caught up with the task force co-chairs, Kayla Davis, vice president and head of M&A at ABM Industries and member of the FP&A track, and John Nielsen, CTP, chief financial officer at FloraCraft Corporation and member of the Capital Markets and Investments and Risk Management track.


Amy Edmondson: Leading Through Crisis
Jim Kaitz interviews Amy Edmonson on successful teaming in a crisis and previews her session at AFP 2021, offering tools for innovation.


Facets of an FP&A: Becoming a Digital Integrator
Bryan Lapidus interviews Hari Ramani from Shell as part of the APAC FP&A Advisory Council profile series.


The “How” of Diversity and Inclusion: Walk Your JEDI Talk
Meaningful diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts require more than just lip service, as organizations often fall short.


The Future of GLEIF on LEIs and Streamlining KYC Process
AFP discusses legal entity identifiers (LEIs) and know your customer (KYC) processes with the Global LEI Foundation.


CTP Profile: Leverage Technology Solutions in Treasury
CTP designation is a symbol of treasury excellence. Alexander Seelmann-Eggebert shares his CTP journey.


Creating a Learning Culture to Help Business Thrive
Build intentional learners by gaining support from organizational leaders for successful learning programs.


LIBOR Transition: Preparing for the End Game
Corporate finance experts discuss the transition of Libor in an AFP-hosted webinar, preparing organizations for the end game.


AFP 2021: Capital Markets and Investments and Risk Management in a New Arena of Treasury
Due to the state of the world, treasury is in a place it has never been before, and there are various challenges hitting at once. However, with challenges come the opportunity to explore new solutions. At AFP 2021, taking place Nov. 7-10 in Washington, D.C., attendees will have the opportunity to gain innovative solutions and to share ideas that address areas of concern within the industry.


AFP Announces New Global Partner For FPAC Exam Prep: HOFT on FPAC Exam Prep Courses
The Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) and HOFT have announced a formal partnership to offer exam preparation courses for finance professionals based in the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific regions. The courses will equip financial professionals with the tools they need to earn the Certified Corporate FP&A Professional (FPAC) certification, sponsored by AFP.


Five Critical Areas for a Successful FP&A Function
The CFO and FP&A practitioner as stewards of value creation and strategic partners remains an elusive goal for many organizations.


AFP 2021: Transforming FP&A to a Forward-thinking Perspective
The AFP 2021 FP&A Task Force plans for the future of FP&A.


A CFO’s Script for IT Investments: A Play in Three Acts
This quarter’s AchieveNext discussion focused on how to get the most from your IT investments. Attendees were separated into small-group breakout sessions, from which the discussion unfolded like a three-act play: strategy roadmap, getting approval for the investment, and not throwing it all away.


AFP Joins Partners in Congressional Hearing on LIBOR Transition
The Association for Financial Professionals supports legislation proposing a benchmark replacement rate for Libor contracts.


AFP Announces New Global Partner For FPAC Exam Prep: PMsquare on FPAC Exam Prep Courses
AFP and PMsquare have announced a formal partnership to offer exam preparation courses for finance professionals based in Sri Lanka. The courses will equip financial professionals with the tools they need to earn the Certified Corporate FP&A Professional (FPAC) certification, sponsored by AFP.


AFP Survey: Payments Fraud Increase Attributed to Coronavirus Pandemic
As the world began to grapple with working remotely in 2020, the 2021 Association for Financial Professionals Payments Fraud and Control Survey, underwritten by J.P. Morgan, revealed that nearly two-thirds of treasury and finance professionals believe the coronavirus pandemic is to blame for some of the uptick in payments fraud at their companies.


FP&A Needs to Step Out of Accounting’s Shadow
Danny Shiu, FPAC, CTP, MOS, a member of AFP's APAC FP&A Advisory Council, shares insights on best practices, challenges, and innovative initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region.


Virtual Accounts: A Solution for All?
Achieving cash visibility and control is crucial for treasurers, requiring companies to effectively deploy available solutions and innovations.


Four Practices to Create a Culture of Intentional Learning
Learn about intentional learning as a valuable investment in skills enhancement. Discover how leaders play a crucial role in fostering intentional learning in organizations.


Intentional Learning: Critical Mindsets for Career Advantages
Intentional learners have a career advantage by embracing growth and curiosity mindsets. Unlock their potential for continuous improvement.


Transitioning from Accountancy to FP&A
FP&A professionals are helping organisations better understand economic and business trends, identify opportunities, and anticipate obstacles and potential treats. This has led the finance function to spend less time on basic budgeting and reporting responsibilities and relying on its FP&A teams to focus more on data analysis and recommendations to drive future growth.


AFP 2021: Searching for New Solutions in the Payments Landscape
Discover the highlights of AFP 2021 Payments Track and insights from Susan Glass, a member of the Payments Task Force.


AFP FinNext Asia: Customized FP&A Learning in Asia-Pacific
AFP FinNext Asia provides customized content for FP&A practitioners in the Asia-Pacific region.


Coming in 2022: Same-Day ACH Limit Increases to $1 Million
The National Automated Clearing House Association (Nacha) approved to increase the Same Day ACH per-transaction limit to $1 million, effective March 18, 2022.


Three Pillars for Reimagining Data Strategy
Learn about the challenges CFOs face in trusting company data and relying on gut instincts for strategic decision-making.


Why You Need to Take Unclaimed Property Seriously
Almost all organizations hold property that technically belongs to someone else from time to time. Most of the time possession of that property, whether funds or goods, is usually transferred successfully to the owner in the normal course of business. Sometimes, however, checks remain uncashed or customer deposits are not translated into full sales, resulting in organizations holding unclaimed property.


Aspiring Business Partner: FP&A is Falling Short of CFO Expectations
CFOs face challenges in transforming FP&A despite process redesign and technology investment.


CTP: The Shifting Landscape of Treasury
AFP recently caught up with Aziz Samji, CTP, senior consultant of Capital Markets and Corporate Liquidity at Financial National Information Services Inc., to discuss his decision to earn the CTP, and how it has affected his life and career journey.


Federal Reserve Panel Discussion on Libor Transition Concludes, We Need Standardization Fast
The Alternative Reference Rates Committee (ARRC) recently hosted the first in a series of webinars regarding the Libor transition. The SOFR Symposium: The Final Year, focused on progress in transitioning away from Libor, and on areas such as the loan market where progress has been slower.


5 Questions for Kayla Davis on Becoming the Head of M&A
Kayla Davis, VP of Mergers and Acquisitions at ABM Industries, shares her perspective on FP&A and its role in planning within the facility management industry.


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