AFP 2021 Industry Roundtables Discuss Relevant Topics in Treasury
AFP 2021 industry roundtables address challenges and solutions in different sectors.


5 Steps for Finance Professionals to Become Superforecasters
Professor Philip Tetlock's team of Good Judgement forecasters beat skilled analysts in a government-sponsored forecasting competition, highlighting the importance of eliminating biases for better results.


CTP: Taking the Next Step in Your Treasury Career
Hear from Delvin Chen, CTP, treasury director at General Electric, about his decision to earn the CTP designation and the impact it has had on his life and career.


Roadmap for FP&A Transformation
What do leading organizations do that's different from the rest? AFP took up this question in the FinNext Asia session entitled, “The Roadmap for FP&A Transformation.”


ESG: The New Differentiator
An AFP webinar highlights the need for sustainable financing and explores innovative solutions.


FPAC: Using Finance to Focus on Decision-Making Process
Discover the value of the FPAC designation from the perspective of Adrien Hebert, an operations specialist.


Health Care Service Corporation Wins 2021 AFP Pinnacle Award
HCSC receives AFP Pinnacle Grand Prize for excellence in treasury and finance, sponsored by MUFG.


CTP: Lifelong Learning to Remain Relevant
Siddhant Jain, Moody's Corporation treasury analyst in India, discusses CTP impact on his career journey. CTP recognized as treasury excellence symbol.


Giving Back to the Community as a National Finance Volunteer
AFP and the American Red Cross are excited to announce a unique mentoring opportunity for finance and treasury community.


A Day-in-the-Life: Claire Lu
Get insights into the daily activities of an FP&A manager, including responsibilities, interactions, and key players they engage with.


The Story of Money: An Interview with Author Sean Cover
Delve into the world of money with an interview with author Sean Cover. Explore the significance of money in our lives and its impact on the world.


FPAC: Remaining Agile Through Constant Change
The FPAC designation signifies excellence in the corporate FP&A profession.


Managing People Effectively is Top Priority for Practitioners as They Prepare for Next Crisis
One of many lessons that companies have learned throughout the coronavirus pandemic is the importance of the health and well-being of their people. Now, as organizations around the world emerge from the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, managing people effectively is key in withstanding future crises.


CTP Profile: Driving Success in the Treasury Function
Learn about the value of the Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) designation from a treasury manager.


APAC FP&A Advisory Council on Control vs. Value-focused Finance
The APAC FP&A Advisory Council explores the transition from a control-focused to a value-focused finance function.


Five Scenario Modeling Methods for Better Forecasting
Discover five scenario modeling methods for better forecasting, enabling finance professionals to be prepared for various outcomes and build resilience in their financial planning processes.


2021 Executive Institute: Skills for the Modern-Day Leader
As companies continue to navigate through times of uncertainty, executives need to keep their skills sharp to lead at the best of their ability. That is why the AFP 2021 Executive Institute, sponsored by PNC Bank, is designed to help senior-level financial professionals find a renewed sense of purpose and learn brand-new ideas that might transform their organizations.


Experts Weigh in on the Digital Transformation of Treasury: Part Three
The coronavirus pandemic accelerated the momentum toward a digital-first strategy as companies sought to stay competitive and relevant. But what exactly does that mean? In part three of a series of articles based on the discussion, we bring you the perspective and experience of Veikko Koski, CEO of FinanceKey.


CTP: Lifelong Learning and Connections
CTP designation sets the treasury standard. Shankar Ramaswamy shares his CTP journey.


AFP Partners with Smart Train on CTP Exam Prep Courses
AFP and Smart Train partner to offer CTP exam preparation courses for finance professionals in Vietnam.


Creating Value in the FP&A Function
Learn about Cecile Francais, head of FP&A at Cartier China, as Bryan Lapidus profiles individual members of the APAC FP&A Advisory Council.


Pinnacle Finalists: Bechtel, HCSC and Micron
Bechtel, HCSC, and Micron are AFP 2021 Pinnacle Award finalists, recognized for excellence in treasury and finance, with innovative solutions advancing operational efficiency and effectiveness.


The AFP FP&A Momentum Index: Results from Q3
The AFP Momentum Index survey tracks the evolving role of independent FP&A practitioners.


CTP: Achieving a Holistic View of Treasury
Siddhant Jain, Moody's Corporation treasury analyst in India, discusses CTP impact on his career journey. CTP recognized as treasury excellence symbol.


Investing in Talent Development
AFP President Jim Kaitz interviews Dennis Carey, vice chairman of Korn Ferry, about building on employees' talent.


AFP and LeanUp Collaborate to Support Treasury Professionals
AFP and LeanUp collaborate to better serve corporate treasury professionals, offering reciprocal membership benefits.


AFP Announces Global Partnership with NOESIS on CTP, FPAC Exam Prep Courses
AFP and NOESIS have announced a formal partnership to offer exam preparation courses for treasury and finance professionals based in Singapore and Malaysia. The courses will equip financial professionals with the tools they need to earn the CTP and the FPAC certifications.


Enabling Digital Finance to Predict an Uncertain Future
The AFP FinNext Asia session explores the role of data and technology in enabling digital finance.


Experts Weigh in on the Digital Transformation of Treasury: Part Two
Gain insights into the digital transformation of treasury as Nitin Jain, head of Treasury and Capital Markets at Agrocorp International, shares his perspective and experience.


Asked and Answered: Your Questions about Virtual Account Management
A webinar with Rajiv Yadlapalli discusses the use and benefits of virtual accounts in different situations.


A Curious Business Mind with Finance Talent
Gain insights from the APAC FP&A Advisory Council member profile of Kevin Wong, director of Finance, APAC at Blue Bottle Coffee.


Experts Weigh in on the Digital Transformation of Treasury
Explore the implications of digital transformation on treasury, as companies strive to stay competitive and relevant in the current business landscape.


Enterprise Payment Optimization: Driving Strategic Agility and Growth
Best practices for improving cash collections processes and accelerating the inflow of cash in businesses.


The AFP Community Discusses Payments Fraud
AFP recently hosted a virtual roundtable to discuss how finance professionals are handling payments fraud. Moderated by AFP Director of Treasury Services Tom Hunt, CTP, participants shared what they’re seeing, how they’re handling it, and how the coronavirus pandemic changed things.


Scenario Planning for Turbulent Times
Embrace scenario planning as an inherent part of the planning process, enabling organizations to ideate and analyze multiple future outcomes in the face of unpredictability.


Negotiating Loan Contracts with New Reference Rates
Navigating the transition from LIBOR-based markets to alternative reference rates is discussed, simplifying the process for non-financial corporates.


CTP: Instilling Tenacity, Innovative Mindsets and Intellectual Curiosity in Treasury Professionals
A global symbol of excellence, the Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) designation sets the standard in the treasury profession. AFP recently caught up with Lee-Ann Perkins, CTP, assistant treasurer at Specialized Bicycle Components, to discuss her decision to earn the CTP, and how it has affected her life and career journey.


Setting Up an Unclaimed Property Process
Unclaimed property is becoming a bigger problem for more companies. State authorities are becoming more active in chasing non-compliance, with the emergence of third-party audit firms that are paid on results. Given compliance is required, what is the best way to achieve it?


AFP Survey: Increased Cash Holdings Due to Pandemic
Explore the findings of the 2021 AFP Liquidity Survey, highlighting organizations' focus on cash preservation and safeguarding against future uncertainty post-pandemic.


A Career in FP&A: Thriving in an Uncertain Future
Ken Fick, member of the FP&A Advisory Council and vice president of FP&A at Berkeley Research Group LLC, discusses the unique career path that led him to where he is today.


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