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AFP 2018: Tips for First-Time Attendees
Members of the AFP 2018 Planning Task Force provide some helpful tips for first-time conference attendees.


Why You Need an Energy Price Risk Management Strategy
The five reasons why treasurers need to implement an energy price risk management strategy.


APIs: Simplifying Corporate-Bank Relationships
Conrad Sheehan, Managing Director for Accenture, discusses the need for API standardization and how it applies to corporate treasury.


5 Questions on Digital Readiness for FP&A Exec Jeff Altman
Jeff Altman, Executive Director, Finance Leadership Development for Verizon, gives his thoughts on changes to FP&A brought about by new technology and data.


Fraud Evolution: Tips for Retail Treasurers
Julie Fergerson of Ethoca, discusses how fraud has evolved since the early days of the Merchant Risk Council, as well as the threat that "friendly" fraud poses to merchants.


The Advent of New Cross-Border Payments Systems
AFP's new Payments Guide, underwritten by MUFG Union Bank, takes an in-depth look at new cross-border payments systems.


Risk Management Need Not Be Expensive: 8 Tips for Treasurers
Risk is a necessary evil that treasury and finance executives have to deal with in today’s complex and highly-integrated world. But risk management need not be expensive.


AFP 2018: FP&A Track Preview
The FP&A track at AFP 2018 aims to ensure that all FP&A professionals who attend the event will come away fulfilled and ready to tackle any new challenges that come their way.


Preparing an RFP for a Treasury System
Sarah Schaus, Assistant Treasurer and AVP for Allianz Life Insurance Company, provides some key tips on preparing an RFP for treasury management system providers.


Corporate Use Cases for Real Time Payments
Jim Colassano of The Clearing House, provides an in-depth look at the Real Time Payments (RTP) system, and discusses use cases for corporate treasurers.


Case Study: NYU Moves from Excel to a Treasury System
About three years ago, the treasury department at New York University decided to move from Excel to a treasury management system.


Ransomware & BEC Scams: Why They Still Work
Klint Walker of the Department of Homeland Security discusses the top cyber and fraud threats of today, including ransomware attacks and business email compromise (BEC) scams.


Why the Libor Transition is a Marathon, Not a Sprint
Transitioning away from Libor is easier said than done, especially considering that many banks and corporates do not appear to be on the same page as regulators.


Keys to Developing High-Potential Finance Talent
Recognizing that the skillsets required for future finance leaders are changing, organizations are effectively leveraging high-potential development programs.


NACHA Launches Standardized APIs, Online Community
NACHA's API Standardization Industry Group (ASIG) has released two standardized APIs for testing that have the potential to greatly benefit corporate treasury.


Corporate Finance: Financing Real Assets in Challenging Markets
Investing in real assets in frontier markets can be challenging. Here are five tips to consider to help you finance real assets effectively.


Debunking Derivative Myths: Tips for Finance Professionals
Derivative contracts are often portrayed as the bad boys of the financial marketplace, but this characterization misrepresents most derivatives and their uses.


The Impact of Tax Cuts on Corporate Spending
Prof. Lee F. Pinkowitz of Georgetown University discusses whether the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 is stimulating the deployment of corporate cash balances.


U.S. Corporate Tax Reform Catches Up to Global Trend
Tax reform in the United States echoes a wider trend of tax changes worldwide that multinational corporations must keep in mind.


How Moneyball Explains the Road Ahead for Finance
In FP&A and in baseball, large-scale, macro trends lead to the development of new ways of doing business. This is the basis for a new interactive guide.


5 Steps to Creating a Data Life Cycle Approach to FP&A
Companies are collecting more and more data. But how can FP&A professionals take advantage of this trend to play a strategic and integral role in their businesses’ growth?


Could Blockchain B2B Directory Increase E-Payments Uptake?
The Business Payments Directory Association (BPDA) and Discover Financial Services are teaming up to develop a B2B directory built on blockchain technology.


SONIA, SOFR Questions Complicate Libor Transition
The transition away from Libor is picking up steam, but there are big questions about the replacement products.


AFP Jargon Watch: Big Rocks
In the latest installment of #AFPJargonWatch: Big Rocks.


AFP 2018: Invest in Your Career
Financial professionals are focused on their career path. That’s why AFP 2018 has an impressive lineup of sessions in the Career Development track.


How Corporate Spending Impacts Economic Growth
Professor Lee F. Pinkowitz of the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business discusses how corporate spending and capital investment impact economic growth.


Study: U.S. Firms Accumulate Cash at a Slower Pace
U.S. companies continued to accumulate cash during the second quarter of 2018, but at a slower pace than they did in the previous quarter, according to the latest AFP Corporate Cash Indicators® (CCI).


5 Questions for Tom Russell on Building an FP&A Team
Through his experiences in building out the finance function in multiple organizations, Tom Russell, FP&A, has several thoughts on how to do this well, which he shared in this interview.


Finance Careers: The Need for Constant Feedback
AFP 2018 speaker Nicole Meyer of The Meyer Partnership discusses why financial professionals need constant feedback and quarterly reviews.


The Secret to FP&A and Business Partnerships: Coffee, Talk and Finance
Here are five questions that will improve FP&A's and business partnerships.


What Today's Treasurers Want in a TMS
Bob Stark, Vice President of Strategy for Kyriba, discusses what today's treasury professionals are looking for when purchasing a treasury management system (TMS).


AFP Jargon Watch: SMRC
In the latest installment of #AFPJargonWatch: SMRC.


Fed Seeks Comment on ISO 20022 Fedwire Proposal
The Federal Reserve is considering adopting ISO 20022 for its Fedwire Funds Service. Corporate treasury professionals are encouraged to comment.


New Remittance Data Guidelines Will Help Small Trading Partners
The Business Payments Coalition's Simple Remittance Requirements paper defines a minimal set of remittance data that SMBs need for cash application and reconciliation.


4 Ways to Make Your Budgeting Process Less Painful
Here are four tips to help you reduce the effort involved in budgeting, and get you back to your summer vacation without taking panicked calls from the CFO.


Regulators Are Pushing Banks to Speed Up LIBOR Transition
Regulators are putting more pressure on banks to speed up their transition away from the London interbank offered rate (LIBOR).


AFP Jargon Watch: Cobot
In the latest installment of #AFPJargonWatch: Cobot.


Real Time Payments Are Here. But Do Treasurers Want Them?
The Clearing House's plans for its Real Time Payments service are ambitious. But how quickly will treasury professionals adopt it?


AFP Jargon Watch: Data Ethnography
In the latest installment of #AFPJargonWatch: Data ethnography.


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