Check Use Drops to All-Time Low for B2B Payments
Explore the declining usage of checks for B2B payments in North America and its implications according to the 2022 AFP Digital Payments Survey.


Marsh McLennan Wins 2022 AFP Pinnacle Award
Marsh McLennan wins the 2022 AFP Pinnacle Awards Grand Prize for excellence in treasury and finance, showcasing their industry-leading achievements.


Buying More Time with Robotic Process Automation
A case study showcases how robotic process automation (RPA) saves time for the FP&A team and adds value to a pharmaceutical manufacturer.


Asif Masani on Becoming a Finance Business Partner
Asif Masani, an FP&A manager at Coursera, shares his experiences in writing content for fellow practitioners, maintaining agility while growing as a company, and the importance of mindset in becoming a finance business partner.


Three Keys to Treasury Optimization
Webinar explores the three keys to treasury optimization and provides practical examples.


Trends in the Global Migration to Digital Payments
The Covid-19 pandemic accelerates the global shift to digital payments, with regional differences remaining.


Making a Business Case for Real-Time Payments
Understand the implications of increased usage of real-time payments, including the need for a shift from other payment types and the associated exposure to risk.


Amazon Partners with AFP on DEI Awareness Initiative
Discover the partnership between AFP and Amazon to provide resources for college students and young professionals in treasury and finance careers.


Creating Value in APAC: FP&A's Role for Organizations
Upgrade FP&A tools and capabilities to become a real-time data analyst and trusted advisor.


Improving Payment Processes: Challenges for Treasury Professionals
Treasury professionals face challenges in improving payment processes and working capital, according to the AFP Strategic Role of Treasury Survey.


Digital Transformation in Finance: 6 Questions with Catherine Jirak
Catherine Jirak, a finance and technology industry veteran, shares insights on the evolving relationship between finance and technology, data challenges, and the future of emerging technologies in finance.


CTP Profile: Filling a Knowledge Gap Led Him to Treasury
Kevin Ng's career in treasury began by volunteering for forecasting and global procurement cashflow, highlighting the opportunities available for growth.


Cash Conversion Cycle: What Is It and How Can You Improve It?
Efficient working capital management brings potential benefits to organizations targeting growth.


Corporate Credit as the Cycle Turns
Moody’s webinar explores evolving corporate credit fundamentals and vulnerable areas.


AFP Welcomes Morgan Stanley to DEI Awareness Initiative
Learn about Morgan Stanley's participation in AFP's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Awareness Initiative for Treasury and Finance.


AFP Launches the Middle East and Africa FP&A Advisory Council
Target's chief information officer resigns following a significant security breach, and Sally Beauty experiences a customer data compromise.


The 5 Key Principles of Nonverbal Communication
Master the art of nonverbal communication in a virtual work environment. Adapt to remote work trends and enhance communication.


What Makes Real-Time Payments Different?
Understand the distinct characteristics that set real-time payments apart from other faster payment methods.


Tracking KPIs After an Acquisition
AFP's FP&A Mini Case Study series provides practical examples of tackling challenges in the field.


Managing Reorgs and Purple People at Shell
Bryan Lapidus, AFP's Director of FP&A Practice, interviews Sai "Giri" Giridhar, Finance Director at Shell Energy India, as part of the APAC FP&A Advisory Council series.


J.P. Morgan Joins Forces with AFP on DEI Awareness Initiative
J.P. Morgan joins AFP's DEI Awareness Initiative, introducing treasury and finance careers to underrepresented communities.


Tips for Using Statistics Well
The power of statistics is the ability to understand the world and make meaning from the increasing piles of data that accumulate around us. Statistics is a critical tool to work with data, interpret key messages, make predictions and take action upon that wealth of data.


The Dos and Don’ts of Virtual Interviewing
Prepare for virtual and in-person job interviews as remote work becomes the new normal. Get tips for success.


Advancing Data Science for Finance
AFP's FP&A Advisory Council provides valuable insights for Hector Rubalcava.


2022 Pinnacle Finalists: Comcast, Marsh McLennan, Oracle Cerner
Discover the finalists for the AFP 2022 Pinnacle Award, including Comcast Capital Corporation, Marsh McLennan, and Oracle Cerner, recognized for excellence in treasury and finance.


2022 AFP Liquidity Survey: Short-Term Investing in Turbulent Times
Gain insights into short-term investment objectives and liquidity planning during uncertain times, based on the 2022 AFP Liquidity Survey underwritten by Invesco.


CTP Profile: Another Auditor Goes Treasurer
Christiana Lim shares her career journey from a big four audit firm to pursuing her passion. Discover how her education in accounting and finance shaped her path.


8 Differences Between Accounting and FP&A
Accounting personnel are increasingly moving into FP&A roles to enhance forecasting and modeling capabilities.


MEA Treasury Professionals React to Economic Issues in Egypt
Inflation challenges Egyptian companies, limiting output and currency conversions.


APAC FP&A Advisory Council: How Do We Forecast Now?
The AFP Asia-Pacific Financial Planning & Analysis Advisory Council discusses financial guidelines and metrics during disruptions.


Cost Accounting to FP&A: How to Transition & Grow
Transitioning from manufacturing plant controller to head of FP&A can bring benefits within the CFO's office for those with a strong accounting foundation.


APAC Treasury Advisory Council Profile: Shankar Ramaswamy, MBA, CTP
Get to know Shankar Ramaswamy, an experienced treasury business partner in the travel industry, operating across numerous markets and destinations.


Solving Problems with the Resources You Already Have
Learn about problem-solving strategies and the utilization of existing resources in the treasury and finance field to generate valuable solutions.


CTP Profile: Dinner with a Client Changed His Life
Lionel Lee's career shift from investment banking to corporate treasury.


What Financial Planning and Analysis Looks Like Today
FP&A optimizes capital and resources to support business decisions inside and outside of finance.


Treasury as a Profit Center: Learning from Government Organizations
Factors to consider when utilizing treasury as a profit center for government organizations.


Webinar Q&A: Risks for Payments Fraud and Mitigation Strategies
Learn about the changing landscape of payments fraud and the shift from paper to digital methods, as revealed by the 2022 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey.


9 Critical Pitfalls to Avoid on the AI Journey in Finance
AI empowers finance professionals with faster decision-making and data-driven operations. Financial modeling and forecasting are key applications.


When an In-house Bank Makes Sense
In-house banking (IHB) offers cost-effective treasury consolidation, centralizing banking relationships, currency risk management, and payments.


Planning Liquidity in Times of Uncertainty
The AFP Liquidity Survey explores cash and short-term investment trends based on responses from treasury practitioners.


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