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Closing the Technology Gap in FP&A
Despite the proliferation of new cloud solutions and growing talk of predictive analytics and big data, there’s still a gap between where FP&A organizations are today and where they want to be.


The Big Shift: Investors Move Billions Out of Money Funds
As the deadline for money market fund reform draws near, the rumored “mass exodus” from prime funds appears to finally be coming to fruition.


SWIFT’s Global Payment Innovation initiative sounds intriguing. But will it improve payments?
SWIFT’s Global Payment Innovation initiative aims to streamline cross-border payments, but how will it help multinational corporations and their treasury functions?


Time to Speed Up Cross-Border Payments?
One of the most interesting programs under development is SWIFT’s Global Payments Innovation Initiative, which is intended to streamline cross-border payments.


Managing Currency Risk: The CFO’s Balancing Act
Tasked with both controlling the effects of multicurrency volatility while keeping costs low, CFOs find themselves with a tricky balance to strike.


More with Less: What Do You Want from a Treasury System?
In the 2016 AFP Guide to Treasury Management Systems, corporate practitioners receive a closer look at treasury technology today.


AFP Survey: Most Finance Pros to Use Same-Day ACH
Treasury and finance professionals intend to use same-day ACH for last-minute payments, according to a new survey by AFP, underwritten by J.P. Morgan.


FP&A: Reverse Engineering the Budget
The annual budget should translate the company’s strategic targets into financial terms. But does it?


Here's a 9-Point Checklist to Help Treasurers Prepare Their Portals for Money Market Fund Reform
Here's a 9-point checklist to help treasurers prepare their portals for new money-fund reform, which takes effect October 14.


3 Ways Retail Treasurers Can Improve Armored Car Pickup
Many merchants pay 60 percent more than necessary to move, process and bank cash. However, retailers can significantly reduce their cost of cash by learning how top-performing merchants optimize this area.


Reg 385: A Three-Step Approach to Help Treasurers Prepare
While some companies have accepted the likely eventuality that the new Section 385 regulations will be finalized, more have not. Furthermore, many treasury functions are taking a backseat.


Real-Time Payments: Would a Giro System Work in the U.S.?
The U.S. is fairly alone when it comes to check use. In other parts of the world, checks have almost disappeared in favor of electronic payments.


In Volatile Market, CFOs Need a Clear View of Risk
What does this current era of uncertainty mean for CFOs, and how do they go about managing commodity and currency risk across the business?


Despite Doubts, Treasurers Increasingly Ask About Blockchain Technology
Skepticism over blockchain technology still exists, but treasury and finance departments are increasingly intrigued by its possibilities for safer and faster payments.


Credit Agreements: Meeting the Compliance Challenge
Companies need to think about compliance from the earliest stages of any financing—ideally when they are negotiating term sheets for proposed transactions.


Obstacle Course: Overcoming 3 Payments Challenges
Today’s business environment is like a "Tough Mudder" running competition. There are multiple obstacles you have to overcome if you hope to cross the finish line.


What Is the Earnings Credit?
On almost every U.S. commercial account analysis and billing statement, you will see an earnings credit amount and an Earnings Credit Rate (ECR). But where did this earnings credit come from?


Reducing Payments Fraud: 4 Effective Processes
It is essential to establish specific guidelines and procedures that must be followed in the preparation, approval and execution of electronic payments.


3 Forecasting Challenges FP&A Must Face During Fast Growth
Budgeting and forecasting is always a challenge—even in a stable environment. But it’s doubly difficult for organizations that are experiencing rapid growth.


New Research Finds Finance Organizations Are 'Still Mired in Grunt Work'
FP&A teams should spend more time advising management on strategy and less on lost-value work, according to new research from Adaptive Insights.


FP&A Leadership within the Business Units
By working closely with operations, FP&A can identify key business drivers, help pinpoint savings and growth opportunities, and ensure business leaders execute the plan.


Solving Pension Risk in a Volatile Economy
Employee retirement plans have some hidden risks that aren’t always obvious. What’s a CFO or treasurer to do?


SWIFT: Hacking Incidents Are ‘Here to Stay’
SWIFT has revealed that there have been more successful cyberattacks on its member banks, resulting in fraudulent payments instructions being sent across its network. Could corporations be next?


Reaching an Analytics Inflection Point
The confluence of external pressures, technological advances and the shifting role of FP&A is bringing the function to an inflection point.


Think the First Brexit Was Tumultuous? More Could Be On the Way in the EU
Markets have recovered since the Brexit referendum vote. But treasury and finance executives must be prepared for the worst -- especially those with business in the EU, says economist Nouriel Roubini.


Develop Your FX Risk Strategy with New Executive Guide
AFP's latest Executive Guide, underwritten by Chatham Financial, aims to support treasury practitioners in developing a strategy and policy to manage foreign exchange risk.


Keys to Navigating Emerging Market FX Risk
Emerging market currencies are often more volatile than their G7 counterparts and their exchange rates are typically more sensitive to geopolitical and economic events.


Blockchain & Instant Payments: Bedfellows or Opposites?
Although both instant payments and blockchain may seem to complement one another, their processes are more or less at odds.


How FP&A Can Counter Forecast Bias
While more companies are trying to perfect the science of forecasting, there’s one thing that continues to stand in the way of making pure data-driven decisions: human nature.


Two Words to Describe Treasury Today? Chaotic and Fragile.
One word to describe today and tomorrow’s environment for treasurers might be chaotic. It’s such a negative word! If that’s too harsh, perhaps fragile will do.


Mastering Uncertainty: A Key Risk Tool for Finance Executives
Mastering uncertainty is critical for finance executives. But is it even possible? AFP spoke with risk expert Nader Mousavizadeh.


Changing Your Passwords Every 6 Months Actually Hurts Cybersecurity. Here's Why.
Computer scientist and AFP Annual Conference speaker Dr. Jennifer Golbeck explains why changing your passwords every six months is a bad idea -- and what treasury and finance professionals can do to improve their cybersecurity.


Will UK Banks Begin Charging Treasurers for Deposits?
It just got more expensive for corporate treasurers to keep their organization’s money in the UK. Royal Bank of Scotland announced last week that it would begin charging some corporate customers for holding their cash.


Pinnacle Finalists Exemplify Treasury & Finance Excellence
Hyundai Capital America, Intellectual Ventures and World Vision International are finalists for the AFP 2016 Pinnacle Award, sponsored by Wells Fargo & Company.


Building a Business Case for Financial Transformation
There’s constant pressure on the CFO from the CEO to do better. To Innovate. To transform the finance organization into both a leaner and a more forward looking analytics hub that provides insight and foresight to the enterprise.


3 Key Obstacles to Working Capital Optimization
Analytics and big data provide many new opportunities for working capital optimization. But three key obstacles must be addressed to get your working capital analytics efforts on track.


Finance Improvement Initiatives Are Back in Action
Finance transformation is making a fast comeback. According to new research conducted by APQC, CFOs are keenly aware of the need to improve the finance function.


AFP Urges Congress to Keep the Stable NAV
With money market fund reform less than two months away, the chances that the floating net asset value (NAV) could still be repealed are slim. Nevertheless, with the cost of funding steadily increasing for U.S. businesses, AFP is making one final push.


AFP Aware: AFP Gives Back to Orlando
It wouldn’t be the Annual Conference without AFPAware Community Service Day, sponsored by BBVA Compass. Every year, AFP partners with organizations committed to corporate and social responsibility.


Banks, SWIFT Make Moves to Shore Up Cybersecurity
Eight of the world’s largest banks announced have formed a group to combat cyberthreats. Meanwhile, SWIFT is launching a new campaign aimed at increasing awareness of the existing security features in its interface products.


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