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Geopolitical Risk: Why Treasurers Should Worry About Italy
While upcoming elections in Europe are not expected to fundamentally change the EU's future, a shakeup in Italy would be particularly concerning.


Video: What is Optimal Capital Structure?
Grady Walker, Treasurer and Finance Director for Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, explains why capital structure is so important for today's corporate treasury executive.


CFOs, Don’t Get Left Behind. The Analytics Revolution is Here to Stay.
Many companies are finding analytics to be necessary for gauging a wide range of factors that affect their business. But is finance at the center of the analytics revolution?


The Numbers Are In: Same Day ACH is a Hit for B2B
NACHA’s Same Day ACH service saw very strong numbers in its first three months of operation, particularly in the business-to-business (B2B) space.


Video: Submitting a Proposal to Speak at AFP 2017
Aurora Gregory explains how treasury and finance professionals can become thought leaders by presenting at AFP 2017 in San Diego and other conferences.


Video: Blockchain Predictions for 2017
In an interview at a recent conference, Caitlin Long, Chairman and President of Symbiont, revealed some of her predictions for blockchain technology in 2017.


Financial Risk Management for Treasury: Know the Key Players
By understanding the interrelationships between all the risk management players, it may be possible to obtain insights to better manage financial risk.


Video: Cybersecurity for the Employee
Brad Deflin, founder of Total Digital Security, discusses the ways companies can partner with their employees to address cybersecurity practices.


Hedging: Focus on Both Sides of the Income Statement
A mix of analytics and judgment is required when devising a hedging program to manage financial risk.


Bank Fees: Policing the AFP Service Codes
We publish the AFP Service Codes but we don’t police them, and the customer typically ends up doing the job. It’s often hard to do a comparison, as we’ve heard from our practitioner members.


Geopolitical Risk a Top Concern for Finance Professionals
Geopolitical risk is having a bigger impact on earnings than ever before, according to the 2017 AFP Risk Survey, supported by Marsh & McLennan Companies.


SWIFT Enters the Blockchain Arena
SWIFT is exploring whether blockchain technology can improve global banks’ reconciliation processes. The proof of concept (POC) is part of its Global Payments Innovation (GPI) initiative, which aims to streamline cross-border payments.


Video: Fixing the Budgeting & Forecasting Process
Ethan Carlson, founder and CEO of Carlson Management Consulting, discusses how a company can tell when a budgeting and forecasting process is broken and what CFOs want from FP&A.


Mitigating FX Risk Is a Company-Wide Effort
FX management involves more than simply hedging against risk; all levels of the organization must be informed and involved to take appropriate action.


Video: KPIs for Risk Management
Magnus Attoff, the head of Financial Risk Management and Operations at Ericsson, discusses what companies should be thinking about when they design key performance indicators for risk management.


Adopting Agile Forecasting and Budgeting Techniques
A big part of where FP&A sits on the maturity curve is determined by what budgeting and forecasting techniques it uses in the planning process.


Treasurers, Are You Ready for New Opportunities in 2017?
The New Year will present many challenges for those of us in treasury—and equally, many opportunities for treasury teams to add value to their organizations.


Video: Chanel's Treasury & Risk Management System Implementation
Kimberly Karg, CTP, assistant treasurer of Chanel, discusses how her organization implemented a treasury and risk management solution.


FP&A Exam Tips: Preparing for Test Day
Here are some general tips and information to help make your FP&A Exam day run a little more smoothly.


New York Revises Cyber Regs to Be More Business-Friendly
The New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) has updated its proposed cybersecurity regulations to provide businesses more reporting flexibility.


How to Monetize Capital Loss Carryforwards on Rate Hikes
There is one interest rate strategy that can be employed to not only potentially benefit from the normalization of the yield curve, but also accelerate the deductibility of capital loss carryforwards.


Working Cross-Functionally is Key for WaterOne’s FP&A Team
FP&A at WaterOne worked with operations to develop a model that would account for the seasonal fluctuations in demand, power usage, chemical doses and production capacity.


Key Tips for Adjusting Hedge Coverage Over Time
One of the tricky aspects underlying the determination of how much to hedge is that whenever market expectations become widely accepted by economic actors, those expectations get reflected in the prices of derivative contracts.


FP&A: The Three Pillars of an Effective Partnership
A recently published AFP Guide outlines three pillars for constructing an effective partnership between finance and the operations.


AFP Top 10 in 2016: Cybersecurity, FX & More
If you have been following us on twitter (@AFPonline) you know that we have been counting down our top content and favorite member benefits from 2016. Let’s recap the best of AFP from the past year.


Going Cashless: Could More Retailers Join Sweetgreen?
Earlier this year, Sweetgreen went cashless at some of its locations. The retailer now plans to make the practice company-wide.


Top AFP Articles of 2016: All Eyes on Brexit
As 2016 draws to a close, AFP is taking a look back on the most-read articles of the year. Treasury and finance professionals were particularly concerned with the implications of the Brexit vote.


Check Payments: Why 1% Matters
One key data point in the 2016 AFP Electronic Payments Survey that sticks out is how B2B payments by check actually increased slightly from 2013 to 2016.


What Will Treasurers Be Working On in 2017?
As 2016 draws to a close, AFP members are turning their attention to the New Year. For the most part, much of practitioners’ attention will be internal, as treasury departments attempt to streamline processes and become more efficient.


3 Tips for Building an FP&A Dashboard
One tool every FP&A professional swears by is the dashboard, a quick one page capture of key performance indicators.


Making the Move from Accounting to FP&A
In a new guide, AFP looks at how accounting professionals can make the transition to FP&A.


Scott Kelly: Hard Work is the Best Part of the Job
During the closing session of the 2016 AFP Annual Conference in Orlando, astronaut Captain Scott Kelly provided attendees with a glimpse into what it’s truly like to boldly go where very few people have gone before.


How Molson Coors Improved Its Capex Planning Process
Christine Watkins, vice president, global FP&A and business transformation for Molson Coors, discusses capex planning at her company.


Time to Put Your Bank Connectivity on Lockdown
With a string of recent hacking incidents, securing bank connectivity has never been more important. AFP's new Treasury in Practice guide, underwritten by Kyriba, defines ways that treasury practitioners can ensure their connections are safe.


Keys to Managing Rating Agency Relationships
From a corporate treasurer’s perspective, building good relationships with rating agencies is a long-term, time-intensive process.


Will Predictive Analytics Revolutionize E-Payments?
The prediction likely to have a significant impact in 2017 is that predictive analytics could revolutionize electronic payments. Here’s how.


Making Effective Insurance Payments During a Crisis
The recent wildfire in Alberta, Canada was one of the most expensive natural disasters in history. Insurance companies faced unique challenges in providing emergency funds to customers.


Treasury Professionals in Manufacturing Address FX Risk
Treasury and finance professionals in the manufacturing sector weighed in on how recent developments are impacting FX hedging during an Industry Roundtable, sponsored by Fifth Third.


Inside Hyundai Capital America’s Forecasting Model Upgrade
Hyundai Capital America upgraded its cash and liquidity forecasting model to better understand its daily cash requirements, ranging from $50 million to $1.5 billion.


Synching Financial and Nonfinancial Data
To do its job effectively, FP&A needs to delve into business transaction-level information to understand how changing business drivers affects financial performance and vice versa.


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