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Deposit Ratings: Why Treasurers Need to Use Them
Deposit ratings are the latest instrument in rating agencies’ toolkit. They can be particularly useful for corporate treasurers, because they give you a better view of how vulnerable your bank deposits are.


When It Comes to Snow Forecasts and FP&A, Two Approaches Are Better Than One
Forecasting with precision is hard, and we can get caught in a trap of pursuing the one true, right answer when we cannot deliver that perfect forecast. Instead, we should focus on preparing our ourselves with a range of options and quick reactions to a fluid situation.


AFP’s Jim Kaitz to Speak on the Changing Role of Finance
AFP President and CEO Jim Kaitz will be making the rounds this month and next, speaking at three different conferences on the changing role of the finance team.


Same Day ACH Uptake is Strong Among Corporates
NACHA's Michael Herd discusses the progress of Same Day ACH and, of course, why treasury and finance professionals should take advantage of it.


Structured Data Vs. Unstructured Data for FP&A and Treasury, Part 2
Big data, digital transformation, agile development. There are lots of words to describe the how our personal and professional lives are awash in data and how we manage it. We need to know both what this means, and what it means for us in our role in finance.


Analysis: Solid U.S. Growth By the End of 2017
The outlook for U.S. economic growth is somewhat mixed. Solid growth is expected by the end of 2017, with especially strong growth in the second half of 2018.


Slime Is Trending. Here’s Why FP&A Should Pay Attention.
Slime is big with the kids these days -- and FP&A can take a lesson or two from it.


Dirty Work: Mike Rowe to Keynote AFP 2017
Mike Rowe, host of Dirty Jobs, leads the all-star lineup for AFP 2017. Housing for the conference opens on March 9.


Structured Data Vs. Unstructured Data for FP&A and Treasury
Structured data versus unstructured data: What's the difference?


Video: Today's Top Cyber Threats
In an interview at the recent Blockchain for Wall Street conference, Chris Finan, CEO and co-founder of blockchain startup Manifold Technology and former White House Cybersecurity Director, discusses today's top security threats.


Business Partnering: A Key Challenge for FP&A
The latest FP&A Board roundtable centered on the reasons why business partnering continues to prove such an obstacle for FP&A professionals.


Blockchain Use Cases: Trade Finance & KYC
Sandeep Kumar, Managing Director of Capital Markets at Synechron, discusses corporate use cases for blockchain technology, such as trade finance and know-your-customer (KYC) compliance.


For Treasurers, Fintech Means Practical Solutions
At the end of the day, the technology treasurers invest in has to be practical; it has to solve specific needs, regardless of whether it's flashy and cool.


Video: Is Blockchain Truly Unhackable?
Dan Robinson, Product Architect for Chain, weighs in on security weaknesses and strengths in blockchain technology.


FP&A: The Future of Finance
In a recent AFP Conversations podcast, Anne-Marie Rice, director EMEA at AFP, discussed trends in FP&A, which she sees as the future of the finance function.


4 FP&A Challenges to Effective Risk-Based Decision-Making
Everyone needs to take the right amount of risk, and that implies driving risk-based decision-making into all levels of activity in your organization.


BEC Scams: 6 Tips to Help Treasurers Prevent Them
Greg Litster, president of SAFEChecks, provides some tips to help treasury and finance professionals thwart business email compromise (BEC) scams.


Hat Trick: Daniel Tolensky on Finance, Analytics & Hockey
Daniel Tolensky, CFO of Arrivals + Departures and Karma Gaming, discusses his roles in both organizations. He also explains on how his finance background helps in his other role at sports agency The Will Sports Crew.


The 5 Key Principles of Nonverbal Communication
As you begin to hone your skills in picking up on nonverbal cues, it is important to keep five key principles in mind.


Switching From Accounting to FP&A: Point A to Point B
Clearly, there are a lot of valuable skills accounting professionals can bring to the FP&A role. But there’s also a lot they must learn.


Blockchain: Permissioned vs. Permissionless Ledgers
Chris Finan, CEO and co-founder of blockchain startup Manifold Technology, discusses the security of permissioned versus permissionless ledgers.


Treasurers Worldwide Now Have Access to SWIFT gpi
SWIFT's global payments innovation (gpi) service allows treasurers’ banks to provide them with faster, more transparent and traceable cross-border payments.


Parts of Dodd-Frank May Be Repealed. Which Parts? Good Question.
Treasury practitioners are optimistic about the potential of various aspects of Dodd-Frank being rolled back, but no one is clear on exactly what will be rolled back.


AFP Gauges Fintech Interest from Treasurers
Treasury professionals weighed in on blockchain and fintech during the latest meeting of AFP’s Treasury Advisory Group.


Keys to Managing Global Transaction Banking
AFP's new Executive Guide, underwritten by BNP Paribas, helps treasurers navigate the process of managing bank relationships.


Turn Your Data Into a Visual Spectacle
Visual storyteller and designer Catherine Madden discusses digital scribing, data storytelling and visual workshops.


Reg 385: What Treasurers Should Still Be Thinking About
While the final 385 regulations are not as far-reaching as the initial ones, determining compliance with them should be a key focus for treasurers in 2017.


Corporates, Is It Time to Refinance?
Interest rate speculation is providing a big opportunity for corporate treasury and finance professionals who want to refinance their loans.


Video: Using Blockchain for Cross-Border Payments
At the recent Blockchain for Wall Street conference, Dan Robinson, Product Architect for Chain, discussed some practical uses for blockchain, such as cross-border payments.


For 30 years, the CTP Has Moved the Needle for Treasury
As the CTP turns 30, we speak with some practitioners on why they chose to earn the certification, and the changes it’s gone through over the past three decades.


Faster Payments in 2017: What Treasurers Need to Know
AFP’s latest Payments Guide, underwritten by MUFG Union Bank, provides an in-depth look at the faster payments initiatives most likely to impact treasury and finance professionals.


Like Clockwork: CNP Fraud Increases Following EMV Rollout
It should come as no surprise to retail treasury and finance professionals that card-not-present (CNP) fraud has increased since merchants have been gradually rolling out EMV chip terminals.


Key Treasury Innovations: Real-Time Payments & Blockchain
BNY Mellon’s Chris Mager, CTP, discusses the type of innovation his group is looking at, such as real-time payments and blockchain technology.


Europe Takes a Step Toward True Payments Standardization
The SEPA Instant Credit Transfer platform will enable corporates to make euro credit transfers between accounts across the 34 SEPA countries in 10 seconds.


Video: Is Blockchain Ideal for Syndicated Loans?
Caitlin Long, chairman and president of Symbiont, discusses why blockchain technology is an ideal solution for syndicated loans.


With Oil Prices Climbing, Treasurers Need a Plan
While many treasurers have reassessed their approach to hedging, some are still uncertain about the best approach for when oil hits $60 per barrel.


AFP Emerging Leaders: Why the Career Path?
On February 8, AFP will host its first Emerging Leaders webinar. Hear from three members of the AFP Emerging Leaders Task Force..


Study: U.S. Businesses to Deploy Cash in 2017
U.S. businesses are optimistic about the economy—so much so that they expect to deploy their short-term cash at the fastest pace since January 2015.


Geopolitical Risk: Why Treasurers Should Worry About Italy
While upcoming elections in Europe are not expected to fundamentally change the EU's future, a shakeup in Italy would be particularly concerning.


Video: What is Optimal Capital Structure?
Grady Walker, Treasurer and Finance Director for Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, explains why capital structure is so important for today's corporate treasury executive.


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