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Business Risk: A Top Concern for Finance Professionals
Tom Hunt, CTP, Director of Treasury Service for AFP, discusses the results of the 2018 AFP Risk Survey, supported by Marsh & McLennan Companies’ Global Risk Center. Respondents to this year's survey were concerned with business risk.


IFRS 9 Offers Treasurers New Hedging Opportunities
With the New Year comes the new accounting standard for financial instruments, IFRS 9, which replaces the IAS 39 regulations.


CTP Body of Knowledge Committee: Volunteers Needed
AFP is seeking experts to participate on the CTP Body of Knowledge Committee. The Committee has a vital role in the editorial process of The Essentials of Treasury Management.


Setting Your Risk Appetite Amid High Volatility
Organizations must establish their risk appetite as they plan around volatility. All businesses incur a degree of risk, but how much they want to take on varies heavily.


Survey: Few Finance Pros Are Fully Prepared for Tech Risk
The 2018 AFP Risk Survey, supported by Marsh & McLennan Companies’ Global Risk Center, found that few finance professionals are preparing for technology risk.


How to Help Non-Finance Audiences Understand Finance Information
Crafting any successful presentation requires understanding the audience, and for finance professionals, that includes how you present quantitative information to non-financial people.


Choosing an Optimal TMS in the Changing Vendor Landscape
Before thinking about talking to vendors and analyzing the treasury management system (TMS) landscape to find the optimal solution, you should answer the question, “What am I trying to achieve?”


Diversity is Good for the Bottom Line
Jenifer Herdin, CTP, Director of International Treasury for Viacom Inc., explains why assembling teams of diverse people is highly beneficial for companies.


FinCEN Pushes FBAR Deadline Back Further
Corporate treasury professionals have received some more FBAR relief, as FinCEN has again extended the filing deadline.


How FP&A Can Lead a System Deployment
With the increased adoption of cloud technologies, more responsibility of technology selection is shifting from IT professionals to FP&A teams.


Why Should Finance Be Buzzing About Artisanal Trends?
How can finance embrace customized, local, artisanal consumer desires with the need for efficiency and ruthless price competition?


Treasurers Ponder the Impact of Corporate Tax Reform
Will corporate tax reform cause corporates to substantially shake up their investment plans?


Could Real Time Payments Dethrone the Almighty Check?
At long last, the United States has a real-time payments system. I really think—and hope—that this marks the beginning of a new era for payments in the United States. But if that’s truly going to happen, it will mean letting go of one constant in our payments system—the paper check.


Cash Conversion Cycles Are Sharply Shrinking. Here’s Why.
Corporations have become more efficient in managing working capital over the past few decades. This is likely due to treasury reducing inefficiencies.


Out With the Old: How Finance Professionals Can Wrap Up Big Projects
Wrapping up a big project requires more than just executing on a final deliverable.


Technology Can Bridge the Gap Between Finance Functions
Jean Furter, Vice President, Treasurer of Brocade Communications Systems, discusses how technology can bring treasury and FP&A closer together.


New Year's Resolutions for Finance in 2018 - One for Each Month
In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, and tailored for the finance audience, my goals for 2018 of things to learn and do, one for each month.


Companies Can't Quit The Budget
Years of a criticism of budgeting doesn’t appear to have dented companies’ commitments to the budget process, a new AFP member survey has found.


When Does Using Interim Treasury Resources Make Sense?
In today’s world of doing more with less, using interim treasury resources can be a way of continuing to operate and achieve change initiatives.


Aligning Corporate Strategy Using Modified ZBB
Jeremiah Wise, Chief Financial Officer of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, discusses how his organization adopted a modified version of zero-based budgeting (ZBB) to accommodate multiple business units with vastly different outcome measures.


2017 Pinnacle Awards: Hyundai Capital America
Hyundai Capital America introduced a global USD issuance strategy, which won it a 2017 AFP Pinnacle Award. The Pinnacle Awards are sponsored by Wells Fargo & Company.


Planning in the Age of Volatility
A new guide, underwritten by Workiva, examines how FP&A can prepare for volatility, and react quickly when it occurs.


Adopting a Rolling Forecast Requires a Cultural Change
Nevine White, Executive in Residence for the Beyond Budgeting Roundtable North America, describes how implementing a rolling forecast requires a major cultural overhaul for most organizations.


Blockchain Will Kill the Invoice. Here’s Why.
It’s clear blockchain will have a significant influence on procurement and finance. The advantages of being able to streamline business processes, secure payments, and automate workloads shouldn’t be understated.


AFP Mindshift: Will Technology Replace Treasury?
Jean Furter, Vice President, Treasurer for Brocade Communications Systems, explains why some treasury jobs could be phased out in the near future, and what practitioners need to do to prepare.


FP&A Survey: Is Your Budget Relevant?
Bryan Lapidus, a contributing consultant to AFP, discusses AFP's new FP&A Survey, which looks at whether budgets are still relevant.


Cash Forecasting: Why Your People Make the Difference
Saumya Mohan, Americas Region Treasurer for Tesla, explains why good cash forecasting largely depends on the people you have in place, rather than the systems that you use.


Surprise: Most Firms Still Do Traditional Budgeting
According to a new AFP Survey, nearly three quarters of FP&A professionals agree or strongly agree that the budget is a valuable tool.


NACHA Proposes Increasing Limit for Same Day ACH Payments
NACHA is requesting comment on a proposal to expand Same Day ACH. One change would be an increase of the per-transaction limit to $100,000.


AFP Viewpoint: How Treasurers Can Manage Card Fees
The new AFP Payments Guide, underwritten by MUFG Union Bank, aims to shed some light over the very complex nature of credit card payments.


4 Ways Treasurers Can Protect Customer Data—Plus KYC Advice
Austin O’Brion co-founder of Token of Trust, offers treasury professionals tips on protecting customer data, as well as advice on keeping KYC information secure.


FP&A Pros Should Learn the Taxonomy of Risk. Here's Why.
In FP&A, we focus on how to achieve the goals and create forecasts that show whether we are on track. Our colleagues in risk management start from the same goals, but look at what can prevent us from achieving them.


Tapscott on Blockchain and the Fourth Industrial Age
Don Tapscott, one of the world’s top experts on distributed ledger technology, discusses how blockchain could reshape treasury and finance in the very near future.


Robotic Process Automation: How Treasury Benefits
When senior leadership mandates that you reduce costs over a three-year period, what do you do? If you’re the finance department at Allianz Life, you implement robotic process automation (RPA).


Finance Professionals, How Do You Deliver Bad News?
FP&A professionals discuss the ways that they deliver bad news to senior leadership.


Payments at AFP 2017: 3 Key Takeaways
After the multitude of discussions I had with treasury professionals at AFP 2017 on payments, I walked away with three key takeaways.


Handling Cash Continues to Be a Pain Point for Retailers
Retail treasury professionals discussed handling cash during a retail industry roundtable at AFP 2017, sponsored by Fifth Third Bank.


The Clearing House’s Real Time System Goes Live
RTP, The Clearing House’s real-time payments system, launched this week. BNY Mellon and U.S. Bank initiated the very first real-time payment on the system.


FP&A Needs to Get Buy-In From Business Units. Here's How.
Finance often is involved in change management, both inside our own organizations and across functions. I have been thinking about the buy-in in the context of change management inspired by two recent events.


Survey: Few Finance Pros Are Ready for Digital Disruption
Finance professionals know that new technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain will disrupt their function, yet they believe their organizations are not prepared for the coming changes.


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