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World Vision Wins 2017 AFP Pinnacle Grand Prize
World Vision International was awarded the AFP 2017 Pinnacle Grand Prize, sponsored by Wells Fargo & Co.


AFP 2017: FP&A Roundtable Has Many Questions About the Interview Process
Good help is hard to find—and for FP&A leaders it verges on an existential challenge.


CTP and FP&A Alert: A New Recertification Quiz Option is Now Live
AFP is pleased to offer Certified Treasury Professionals and Certified Corporate FP&A Professionals a new way to earn recertification credits via the AFP Conversations podcast.


Executive Institute: Preparing You to Be a Strategic Partner
The AFP Executive Institute, sponsored by PNC, is where you can talk to your peers about being a strategic partner of your organization and an inspirational leader to your team.


Update: Checking in on Zero-Based Budgeting for FP&A
Checking in on various bloggers and marketers who wrote about zero-based budgeting in the past year to see whether ZBB is a real trend or hype.


What Are the Top Cyberthreats to Treasury?
Bob Stark, Vice President of Strategy for Kyriba, discusses the top cyber and fraud threats to corporate treasury professionals, including business email compromise (BEC) scams.


Treasurers and Banks Need to Push for KYC Standards
Damian Glendinning, Vice President and Treasurer for Lenovo, discusses why standards are needed for know-your-customer (KYC) requirements.


Welcome to AFP 2017
Jim Kaitz, President and CEO of AFP, welcomes you to AFP 2017. Check out some highlights to get you ready for San Diego.


AFP MindShift: Now is the Time To Think About Change
Mel Steals of PNC Financial Services Group discusses AFP MindShift, and why financial professionals need to think about how advances in technology will impact their business.


Protecting Shared Service Centers from Fraud Threats
What makes finance shared service centers attractive—a process-driven environment that rewards speed and volume—can create blind spots that fraudsters can exploit.


Q&A: Grainne McNamara of PwC explains how treasurers approach blockchain
In this interview with AFP 2017 speaker Grainne McNamara, the PwC principal explains how treasury and finance executives are exploring how to use blockchain.


The Robots Are Coming! Is Your Treasury Job Safe?
One of treasury professionals' biggest concerns about artificial intelligence (AI) is whether it will ultimately make their jobs obsolete.


Cross-Border Payments Tracking a Top Priority for Treasurers
A majority of corporate treasurers feel that real-time cross-border payments tracking is more important than whether the payments settle in real time.


Shared Service Centers: Key Advantages for Treasury
Lesley Rogers, Director, Treasury, Banking & Cash EMEA for AT&T, discusses the challenges and benefits of operating a shared service center.


5 Best Practices for Treasury and Finance Risk Managers
The good news is that strategy, data and capabilities exist to solve this problem. Furthermore, the risk management team can make progress towards building alignment immediately.


Treasury Must Be Proactive as Fraud Threats Escalate
AFP’s latest Treasury in Practice Guide, underwritten by Kyriba, explores common fraud schemes that are plaguing corporate treasury departments.


The FP&A Terms You Need to Know: Take the Quiz
Test your FP&A knowledge and see how well you know you key terms with our new interactive quiz.


X Marks the Spot: LedgerX Opens Cryptocurrency to Derivatives
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has approved the first trading and clearing platform specifically for cryptocurrency-based derivatives.


What's the Difference Between Valuation and Pricing of Assets? FP&A Should Know.
To understand what something is worth in financial terms, it is useful to draw a distinction between valuation and pricing of assets.


AFP Viewpoint: Effective Presentation Tactics
Bryan Lapidus, FP&A, CFO Advisory, Allegiance Advisory Group, discusses tactics practitioners can use to deliver effective presentations.


3 Ways CFOs Can Help Reduce a Company’s Carbon Footprint
There is no easy path to reducing an organization’s carbon footprint. But over the years, some solid best practices have surfaced.


FP&A Professionals, Do You Deliver Effective Presentations?
AFP’s latest FP&A Guide, underwritten by Workiva, explores tactics practitioners can use to deliver effective presentations, both to other business units and to upper management.


Upgrading Your Treasury System: It’s All About the Cost
Treasury departments need to be sure that their treasury management systems suit their needs. That’s why every year, AFP releases its TMS Guide.


AFP Viewpoint: How Does Treasury Work with Tax?
Tom Hunt, CTP, AFP's Director of Treasury Services, discusses the new Executive Guide on Tax and Treasury, underwritten by Thomson Reuters.


Finance Pros, It’s Time to Close the Complexity Gap
Despite investments in software and other management approaches, capability gaps often remain.


Better Together: Why Treasury and Tax Need to Collaborate
AFP’s latest Executive Guide, underwritten by Thomson Reuters, is designed to support treasury practitioners and their tax colleagues to develop good channels of communication, enabling better decision-making.


Attention, Treasurers: Same-Day ACH Debits Are Now Live
NACHA has officially launched Same Day ACH for debit payments. This is the second phase of the association's Same Day ACH initiative.


Report: CFOs Are the Prime Targets of BEC Scammers
According to a new report, CFOs are targeted for business email compromise (BEC) more than any other finance professional.


Presenting to the CFO: Why Executive Presence Matters
When delivering a presentation to senior leadership, FP&A professionals need to demonstrate executive presence.


Equifax Breach: 3 Lessons for Finance Professionals
Let's take a look at the mistakes Equifax made with their security and what corporate treasury and finance professionals can learn from them.


Jumpstart Your Career at AFP 2017
AFP 2017 offers multiple sessions to help treasury and finance professionals kick their careers into high gear.


Finance Pros, What Are Your Big Hairy Audacious Goals?
What makes a good “big hairy audacious goal” (BHAG), how does it relate to other planning tools, and what are the dangers if it is used incorrectly?


Should Treasurers Purchase Bitcoin for Ransomware?
Recently on AFP Collaborate, AFP’s private discussion board, a practitioner asked whether it is wise to purchase bitcoin for potential ransomware scenarios.


FP&A: Integrated Business Planning Hinges on Relationships
Bryan Lapidus, CFO Advisory, Allegiance Advisory Group, explains how developing relationships with business partners is critical to achieve integrated business planning.


Introducing the Payments Hub Challenge at AFP 2017
New this year at AFP 2017 is the Payments Hub Challenge. AFP will give vendors just 15 minutes to solve a major issue: reducing B2B transactions made via check.


FP&A Maturity Model: Tech Makes Perfect
Let's take a look at the technology aspect of the FP&A Maturity Model—the comprehensive and fully integrated enterprise data model with timely access to centrally managed operational and financial data.


Everybody Into the Faster Payments Pool
Traditional players in the payments field aren’t sitting on their hands while real-time payments infiltrate the entire infrastructure.


One SaaS Fits All: FP&A and Software as a Service, Pt. 2
An overview of several accounting issues related to XaaS that impact FP&A.


Treasury, Fintech & Self-Driving Vehicles
Major disruption can change how treasury and finance operates as a whole.


AFP Viewpoint: How FP&A Can Excel at Business Planning
Bryan Lapidus, CFO Advisory, Allegiance Advisory Group, discusses AFP's latest FP&A Guide, Building an Integrated Business Planning Capability, underwritten by Anaplan.


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