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Recruit FP&A Staff with Case Interviews
Case interviews can be a useful tool to evaluate FP&A job candidates’ aptitude and approach to situations that they may face.


Treasurers Have Another Year to Prepare for Reg 385
Corporate treasury and finance professionals received some relief last week in the form of a one-year delay for the Section 385 documentation requirements.


Study: Finance Execs Stockpile Cash amid Uncertainty
Finance executives said they planned to accumulate corporate cash reserves in the second quarter of 2017—and they did so, but at a greater rate than planned, according to the AFP July 2017 Corporate Cash Indicators®.


Working Smarter: GDO Treasurers Collaborate
Faced with limited staff and resources, global development organizations (GDOs) must deliver treasury solutions in some of the most difficult contexts.


Why Software as a Service Matters to FP&A
If you are not using a XaaS at work yet, you will be.


Case Study: An FP&A Director Helps Her Company Achieve Integrated Planning
When Kayla Davis started as Director of FP&A at ABM two years ago, she quickly realized that disparate systems and financial planning methods used in the finance department would be a hindrance to change. Connecting those processes so data could be easily shared and worked with was a clear necessity.


Treasurers, Familiarize Yourselves with Fintech
In a new guide, underwritten by Kyriba, AFP takes a deep dive into fintech and how it relates specifically to corporate treasury practitioners.


FP&A Pros, It’s Time to Excel at Business Planning
Turn your planning capability into an enterprise strength with AFP’s latest FP&A Guide, underwritten by Anaplan.


Fed Task Force: Ubiquity is the Key to Faster Payments
The Federal Reserve Faster Payments Task Force has released the second part of its final report on achieving faster payments in the United States by 2020.


Term Sheet: FP&A Definitions for Common Terms
My inbox is overflowing with planning software vendors who want me to attend their webinars and demo their products. Reading through the marketing literature I find myself wondering whether everyone is using some of the basic FP&A terms consistently, so I decided to refresh my memory.


Finally: The Fed to Release Part 2 of Faster Payments Report
The Federal Reserve Faster Payments Task Force is set to release the second part of its final report on achieving faster payments in the United States.


FP&A Maturity Model to Help Streamline Business Processes
The AFP FP&A Maturity Model is organized in four domains: business process, organization/people/skills, technology and data. This month we are examining the business process domain.


FP&A at AFP 2017: Don’t Miss Out on the Future
This October in San Diego, AFP 2017 will present perhaps the most impressive lineup of FP&A sessions yet.


Check Fraud: Catch It If You Can
When perhaps the top check fraud expert in the world says that he’s surprised that it’s still a major problem, there has to be a disconnect somewhere.


AFP Viewpoint: 2017 AFP Liquidity Survey
Tom Hunt, CTP, Director Treasury Services, AFP, discusses the three trends observed in the 2017 AFP Liquidity Survey, underwritten by State Street Global Advisors.


4 Questions to Help Treasurers Assess Their Effectiveness
How does one evaluate a treasurer or cash manager? These four questions and explanations should help you assess their effectiveness.


Different Companies Require Different Work Structures
Enterprises everywhere are shaking up how their employees work, but the trends are contradictory.


FP&A M&A: How Three Leaders Handled the Gannett Spinoff
In 2015, media giant Gannett spun off into two companies. This article explores the spinoff from the vantage points of three FP&A leaders across both organizations.


Treasurers, NACHA Needs Your Input on Security
NACHA is requesting comment from corporate end-users on new approaches for additional account information security.


Survey: Treasurers Avoid Prime Money Funds, Post-Reform
The 2017 AFP Liquidity Survey, underwritten by State Street Global Advisors, found that 41 percent of organizations have no plans to consider investing in prime funds.


Why There Is a Need for More Speed in Finance
Speed is at least half of the equation when it comes to corporate agility, and yet is seemingly underrated in its effect on corporate decision-making.


Three Reasons Why Quote to Cash is Better than Cash Conversion.
How long does it take to convert buying interest from a customer (measured as when your company creates a price quote) into cash in the door? This question underlies the quote-to-cash metric.


Money Funds: Navigating the Road Less Traveled
Though they may be the road less traveled, money market deposit accounts have largely supplanted money market funds, at least for the time being.


Fintech & Corporates: Breaking Down the Barriers
With all the hype around fintech, it is important to stay focused and realize that fintech development should be aimed at making real issues better for the end-user.


Continued Education Bridges the FP&A Talent Gap
As the strategic importance of FP&A increases within organizations, so does the need for the right talent.


Leveraging Analytics to Reduce Interchange Costs
Payments analytics tools can provide powerful insights that can help reduce interchange and acquiring costs.


Why Are Treasurers Writing More Checks? Blame the Internet.
A new guide, underwritten by MUFG Union Bank, examines why so many corporates still use checks, despite being the payment method most susceptible to fraud.


It’s Quiz Time, CTP and FP&A Professionals
CTP, CCM and FP&A holders looking to earn some recertification credits should head on over to AFP’s CE Quiz page.


Blockchain: 3 Potential Use Case Complications
While blockchain has massive potential, it may be necessary to analyze the whole process of potential use cases before we try to fit the technology in.


An 8-Step Checklist to Building a Risk Management Program
The pressure on risk managers today can be eased by building a comprehensive hedging and risk management team within the organization.


Love & Hate in the Time of Excel
We love Excel. There are 750 million installations globally, which would make it the third most spoken language globally.


New Academy Prepares Finance Pros for Digital Transformation
AFP is launching the Digital Finance Academy to provide treasury and finance professionals with the knowledge and resources to prepare for and lead digital transformation.


Treasurers, It’s Time to Review Your Investment Policy
Now is the time for treasurers to review their investment policies. The new AFP Executive Guide, underwritten by J.P. Morgan Asset Management, can help.


What Are the Advanced Excel Skills Required of FP&A?
Job descriptions for FP&A positions tend to list advanced Excel skills among the requirements. But what are the key skills required?


Maine, Margarine and Mozzarella: FP&A Needs to Remember that Correlation Is Not Causality
Sometimes, things that appear to be highly correlated in fact are random events that have no real-world connection.


AFP 2017: FX, Cyber & Interest Rates Pose Big Risks
Risks are coming from all directions this year, from volatile currency markets to escalating cyberthreats to rising interest rates. Luckily for you, we’re going to tackle these topics at AFP 2017 in San Diego.


An FP&A Article about Fidget Spinners? Yes, An FP&A Article about Fidget Spinners.
Kids are all about fidget spinners these days. So can FP&A learn from this latest craze? Of course.


Money Funds and the White House
AFP and other professional associations convened at the White House to support legislation that would restore stable value prime and municipal money market funds for institutional investors.


Centralizing FX Operations: 4 Key Steps
When centralizing your FX hedging program, there are certain steps the company needs to take to be successful.


Bank Fees & Blockchain: A Match Made in Heaven?
Why can’t we explore the possibility of using a blockchain solution for bank fee account analysis?


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