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Treasury Management at AFP 2018: One Goal, One Track

  • By Andrew Deichler
  • Published: 5/29/2018

Attendees of previous AFP Annual Conferences may remember that we typically have two separate session tracks for Treasury Management and Global Treasury. For AFP 2018, we decided it made sense to shake things up a bit and combine the two. After all, business as a whole is becoming more global, and treasury along with it. So it simply made sense to look at treasury, whether it be in the United States or abroad, as one track.

As per usual, the Treasury Management track features a number of ‘Treasury 101” sessions on the basics, like reviewing bank fees, handling challenges with acquisitions and carveouts, and of course, choosing and implementing a treasury management system. “It’s really good to have a refresher on some of these topics every year,” said Saumya Mohan, Americas Region Treasurer for Tesla and a member of the AFP 2018 Planning Task Force. “You see a lot of smaller companies come that are thinking about getting a [treasury] workstation, and it’s a good refresher for them.”

However, there was a concerted effort by the task force to also look at what’s next for treasury, and so the Treasury Management track at AFP 2018 also features multiple sessions on innovative technologies. “This year, we’re seeing a little bit more on trends,” Mohan said. “We saw some of that last year at AFP. There were a couple of really good keynote speakers on blockchain and on automation and AI. We’re seeing a little bit more of that.”

Indeed, some of this year’s sessions take a deep dive on fintech, exploring ways to implement a pilot robotics process automation (RPA) project in treasury; how treasury can leverage blockchain technology to become more strategic; and how AI and machine learning can help treasury better manage liquidity, control risk, support business initiatives and perform a rolling cash forecast.

This year’s track also examines key trends that are impacting treasury, and what that could mean for the future. Sessions look at ways that treasury needs to adapt when confronted with new regulations and geopolitical risk, and how corporate tax changes and FASB accounting standards are impacting investment in equipment. Sessions also look at how treasury’s role itself is changing; hear from practitioners on how treasury can gain a seat the CFO’s table and how technology is freeing up treasury to become more strategic.

So don’t miss the Treasury Management track at AFP 2018; it’s where treasury professionals can stay current. “We're in period now that if we don't stay on top of these things and then get out in front of them, we're not going to look great,” said Brad Larson, CTP, Principal, ReCa Treasury Services and also member of the AFP 2018 Planning Task Force. “And I'd much rather look great than have somebody come to me and say, ‘Why didn't you think of that?’ The AFP conference is a way to learn what other people are experiencing; they experience things sometimes before I do, and I can get out ahead of the ball on that thing.”

The full list of sessions on the Treasury Management track is available here.

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