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Privacy Alert: Your Contact Information Is Safe With Us

  • By Staff Writers
  • Published: 10/18/2016

AFP members have alerted us that they are receiving e-mails from a company offering a list of e-mail addresses of AFP Annual Conference attendees. We are also aware that Annual Conference attendees and other members are receiving invitations from exhibitors and sponsors to attend their events while in Orlando.

AFP respects the privacy of all of its members and prospects. AFP never has, or will, sell your e-mail address or phone number to anyone under any circumstances.

Anyone offering to sell access to the e-mail address of all AFP Annual Conference attendees has either obtained that information through unlawful means, or is offering for sale something that they do not possess. Should you be contacted by anyone offering to sell a list of AFP Annual Conference attendees, please contact Jeff Glenzer, AFP’s Chief Operating Officer, to provide all relevant information at [email protected]. AFP will pursue appropriate remedies based on the advice of legal counsel.

Some AFP Annual Conference exhibitors and sponsors will also send private event or booth invitations to their clients and prospects using e-mail addresses obtained in their normal course of business. These e-mail addresses are never provided by AFP. These invitations are often broad-based to the soliciting company’s clients and prospects, and are not limited to registered AFP Annual Conference attendees. AFP has no control over how participating companies promote their participation in the AFP Annual Conference, but we assure you that your e-mail address is never shared by AFP. 

If you have any questions or concerns about AFP’s privacy policy or information sharing practices, please contact Jeff Glenzer, AFP’s Chief Operating Officer at [email protected].

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