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New Guide Identifies the Blind Spots in Investment Analysis

  • By Staff Writers
  • Published: 3/18/2015
Executives are under more pressure than ever to deliver higher returns from their portfolios of businesses. In response, most companies are now weighing investments aimed at improving their performance. But there is a real risk that the acquiring companies could end up worse off, unless they take a fundamentally different tack to evaluating investments.

A new Oliver Wyman whitepaper, The Missing Links in Investment Analysis, produced in conjunction with AFP, examines how treasury executives can build a portfolio management strategy that makes major investments and acquisitions actually work. The new whitepaper identifies the three blind spots inherent in standard investment opportunity assessment tools, and provides solutions for overcoming them. It also features case studies from Spectra Energy Company and Brocade Communications Systems on how they developed new acquisition and investment strategies.

Companies must do much more than simply identify attractive assets. They must also be prepared to operate them and manage the risks that accompany any investment or acquisition. Only then will treasurers discover the surest path to profitability for their organizations.

Download The Missing Links in Investment Analysis here.

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