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New Guide Helps Treasurers Navigate Technology

  • By Staff Writers
  • Published: 10/19/2016

Treasury's role continues to become more complex in the face of global change and an increasingly uncertain market. But technology can help treasury professionals automate routines, be compliant within the growing regulatory environment and ultimately, play a more strategic role.

The Guide to Treasury Technology, underwritten by Bloomberg, is intended to help practitioners navigate the treasury technology landscape and identify the most cost-efficient solutions for their organizations. This is an update to the first AFP Guide to Treasury Technology published in 2011.

Treasury practitioners face magnified challenges as they try to gain more visibility and exercise more control over group activities. Technology can help treasury in these endeavors, all while delivering a framework within which the agreed treasury policies and procedures of the organization are embodied. This new guide will help you with one of the biggest challenges you face today—identifying and implementing the most appropriate technology solution to meet your organization’s needs.

Download Guide to Treasury Technology here.

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