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Keys to Managing Global Transaction Banking

  • By Staff Writers
  • Published: 2/14/2017

Managing relationships with transaction banks is a central part of a treasury executive’s role. Of all external partnerships, a successful set of bank relationships can have the most positive impact on the effectiveness of a company’s treasury department. Good bank relationships take time to build and nurture; this investment in time will pay dividends as the bank is able to identify appropriate products to help the company.

The new AFP Executive Guide on Global Transaction Banking, underwritten by BNP Paribas, aims to help treasury practitioners navigate the process of initiating and managing a good set of bank relationships. Structured in three parts, the guide outlines the pressures facing banks, helps treasurers manage the counterparty risk associated with global bank relationships, and assesses some of the factors that are already having an impact on the future of banking relationships, such as blockchain technology.

As with other treasury activities, there is no single correct way to develop bank relationships and no ideal number of core relationships to have. The goal is to have an appropriate number of relationships, in which both the company and the banks achieve their own objectives through strong and collaborative partnerships.

Download the AFP Executive Guide on Global Transaction Banking here.

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