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Jumpstart Your Career at AFP 2017

  • By Andrew Deichler
  • Published: 9/11/2017

AFP 2017 offers multiple sessions to help treasury and finance professionals kick their careers into high gear. This year’s career development track boasts 12 breakout sessions that center on important issues that directly impact financial professionals in the workforce, as well as a keynote and spotlight speaker session that will undoubtedly motivate you to strive for that promotion or new job opportunity.

Major motivators

On the keynote side, attendees won’t want to miss Mike Rowe, host of the hit TV series “Dirty Jobs,” which saw him work more than 300 different jobs in all 50 states.

Rowe believes that people shouldn’t necessarily follow their passions. “Passion is too important a thing to be followed,” he explained in an interview with the AFP Conversations podcast. “When you follow a thing, you can easily lose sight of it. It can easily lose sight of you.”

One of the key observations that Rowe made on “Dirty Jobs” was that the people he worked with really enjoyed what they were doing. Even though they were performing hard, manual labor, these people were truly passionate about their work. “Their job satisfaction levels were really high, and I became really curious around season four or five after doing a few hundred of these things, to try and better understand why everyone on “Dirty Jobs” was having a better time than most of my friends in real life.”

What Rowe learned was that your passion goes with you in everything that you do, and what you should follow is opportunity. He noted that many young professionals coming out of college believe that the key to job satisfaction is finding the job that will make them satisfied. “In truth, it’s much more about finding an opportunity that’s viable, and then figuring out how to be passionate about it.”

Attendees also won’t want to miss spotlight speaker Lisa Jaster, Major, U.S. Army Reserve, the first woman to ever attend and graduate from the prestigious Army Ranger School. She has also been an engineer at Shell Oil and an Army Reserve individual mobilization augmentee with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Jaster will provide a glimpse into what it was like to battle her way through a six-month training course that most students fail within the first four days.

As Jaster went through that grueling course, she maintained her position that stopping and quitting simply was not an option. “Once you think about quitting, you let the quit in you,” she said. That’s advice that any treasury or finance professional can take to heart.

Improving communication and looking forward

The Career Development track at AFP 2017 is packed with insights on how treasury and finance professionals can advance their careers, as well as become more proficient in their current roles.

This year’s agenda has a particular focus on improving practitioners’ abilities to communicate more effectively in managing projects and presentations. Financial professionals will learn how to prepare boardroom-ready presentations, properly integrate stories into communications, correctly present numerical information, and manage projects successfully when resources are limited.

There has also been a concerted effort this year by AFP to be forward-thinking on the Career Development front, with sessions focused on how the workforce and the overall work environment are evolving. One key session looks at how financial professionals can navigate their careers in the 21st century. A panel of experts will weigh in on how you can advance yourself through networking, rebranding, and leveraging technology.

Keeping with that forward-thinking theme, AFP 2017 also has sessions focused on why diversity is good for the bottom line, how companies can move beyond outdated beliefs about aging, and what employers should do to engage and retain women in the workplace. Additional sessions focus on how meditation and mindfulness can enhance your productivity and how organizational change can have a lasting psychological impact on your team.

No time like the present

Many treasury and finance professionals attend AFP’s events to further themselves professionally, and this year’s agenda will help you do just that. Don’t miss these innovative sessions at AFP 2017. The time to jumpstart your career is now.

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