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It’s Time to Wrap Your Mind Around AFP MindShift

  • By It’s Time to Wrap Your Mind Around AFP MindShift
  • Published: 10/31/2017

In July and October of this year, AFP held its first MindShift events. AFP MindShift is where treasury and finance executives can come to grips with the technological changes that will surely disrupt our profession, our organizations and our skill requirements in the years ahead.

These meetings could not have come at a better time for financial professionals. As 2018 draw near, consider the following:

  • Observers believe the government will start collecting taxes using blockchain by 2021.
  • By 2023, these same prognosticators say, artificial intelligence will account for 30 percent of all corporate audits.

The benefits of technology for treasury and finance are clear: increased productivity, reduced costs and better decision-making. However, the challenges are just as clear: lack of control over technology, cybersecurity, company-wide consistency, maintaining employee skills, and the potential loss of jobs for starters.

The endless wave of technology is not going to stop; putting your head in the sand is a quick way to get buried. The question finance and treasury executives need to ask is whether they’re prepared to manage proactively or passively react to the inevitable technological progress coming their way.

This is where AFP MindShift enters the picture. AFP MindShift brings together the innovators and disruptors that will transform the role that technology plays in treasury and finance. And in a new report, you can learn how AFP MindShift will help you begin to make sense of the technological chaos.

Technology forecaster Paul Saffo once said, “Never mistake a clear view for a short distance.” Disruptive change may not happen today, but we know it will. That’s why we need to prepare today.

Download AFP MindShift: Emerging Technologies and the Finance Function.

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