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FP&A Pros, It’s Time to Excel at Business Planning

  • By Staff Writers
  • Published: 7/24/2017

Every business plans, but not every business excels at business planning. What separates the thriving businesses from the average ones is how well they create, execute, and adjust their plans as conditions change. The ability to connect planning capabilities across the business is the essence of Integrated Business Planning (IBP). 

AFP’s latest FP&A Guide, Building an Integrated Business Planning Capability, underwritten by Anaplan, can help your business rise above the average. Turning your planning capability into an enterprise strength will provide insight, agility, and the ability to outmaneuver competitors in a rapidly changing and fiercely competitive landscape.

The guide breaks down business planning into its component parts:

  • What makes up IBP
  • The role of people in IBP, including the tasks they do and the skills they need
  • The many connected processes that make IBP work
  • The technology that IBP relies on—next-generation planning software and its enabling technologies such as cloud and data integration.

The guide focuses on the role of finance, and specifically FP&A, in IBP. Regardless of industry, the finance department is often the natural home for IBP initiatives because it interacts with all of the stakeholders in a company. Furthermore, CFOs and their staff are increasingly called upon to be strategic partners with every part of the business, and thus FP&A teams need to be able to speak both the language of accounting and finance, and the language of the business operations. This new guide helps them do just that.

Download Building an Integrated Business Planning Capability here.

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