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Career Development at the 2015 AFP Annual Conference

  • By Staff Writers
  • Published: 9/18/2015

careerdevThe career development track at the 2015 AFP Annual Conference in Denver features an impressive lineup of sessions for treasury and finance professionals. Sessions focus on acquiring and retaining talent, mentoring, communication skills, breaking down silos and more.

Sustaining Competitive Advantage Through Succession Planning

A corporation must maintain sustained value creation for the shareholder. This goal is realized only when a corporation has a steady stream of resources that are valuable, rare and not imitable. The most valuable resource is intellectual capital represented by the team of knowledge workers. Acquiring and retaining talent to deliver cutting edge solutions is the very underpinning of business viability. Drawing on the speaker’s extensive experience as a CFO team succession plan driver, this session explores the sustained competitive advantage built atop the viable succession plan.
Women Mentoring Woman: An Empowering Treasury Initiative

Continuing the conversation that began in last year’s AFP session, “After Hello: The Business Woman’s Networking Dilemma”, this discussion introduces the Women Mentoring Women initiative. Many female treasury professionals lack mentoring opportunities. A group of women treasury professionals has joined together to meet the need. The networking group matches experienced members with corporate practitioners and bank treasury professionals for a virtual mentoring program via LinkedIn. This session discusses mentoring strategies, how the new mentoring benefits woman treasury professionals, and how to get involved.
Treasurer Talent: Development in Action

Corporate Treasurers from McDonald’s Corporation, Dover Corporation and Twitter discuss their career paths and help guide those interested in pursuing a career as Corporate Treasurers. The diverse panel goes beyond mere educational foundation by also providing industry expertise and requirements. What are the common backgrounds that enabled these corporate treasurers to effectively function in a dynamic, ever-evolving environment? The presentation will cover the skills, backgrounds, and instruments required to impact firm value while also developing as an effective treasury professional.

Data Visualization in Spreadsheet Presentations

Audiences of financial presentations want fewer spreadsheets and more visuals, less focus on the numbers and more insight. How can an analyst, manager, or executive create effective presentation visuals? This session describes the six category decision model which creates clear, compelling visuals to replace spreadsheets. This method utilizes versions of Excel and PowerPoint you are already familiar with and creates messages Executives and Board members can easily understand. Since communication skills are key to advancement, set yourself apart from others by learning this method.
Three Critical Communication Skills You Should Master

Communication skills are consistently cited by boards of directors and senior management as the skills least developed among finance and accounting professionals. Furthermore, research and surveys abound that show a strong link between good communication skills and business success. Improving on one’s communication skills is the single best way to improve performance. It is also the best way to reduce the myriad risks that accompany miscommunication. This session covers listening skills and effective communication skills to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings.
Leading Through Crisis

Crisis situations donʼt happen every day, but they occur in every leader’s career. Sadly, when crises happen they often take one by surprise, and leave a wake of destruction. Leaders recognize the warning signs of an oncoming crisis, create a defining moment, and then make their mark to avert catastrophe. Leaders who put their careers on the line and saved their organization recognized three crucial crisis ingredients: hidden problems, entrenched interests and profound communication fail points. These ingredients are further expanded in this interactive session.
Breaking Down the Silos: Creating a Culture of Collaboration

Studies show that the bigger the team, the lower the collaboration. In fact, the higher the education level and the greater the number of experts, the less likely they are to collaborate. This interactive session explores eight strategies for improving collaboration among highly educated and opinionated teams. Learn how to establish objectives and processes, involve the appropriate team members at the right time, and communicate and implement the decisions made. You’ll walk away with the ability to transform your team from siloed to cooperative.

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