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Best Practices in Leadership and Talent Development

  • By Staff Writers
  • Published: 8/11/2014
The new publication, Leadership in Treasury, may be the second in a series of e-documents from the Corporate Treasurers Council -- 2013’s global treasury compilation being the first -- but the subject matter is top of mind with executives because it highlights the true strength of treasury—and that is leadership.

As they say in business, it’s all about the people. And so it is in treasury, with treasurers leading their people by developing them, encouraging them, and thereby retaining their top talent.

As is reflected in all of the following articles, there’s not one answer or one way of leading, but you will find a common theme, and that is making sure as a leader that you also get the right education and training in order to learn how to be a great leader. In this document you will read about what a number of very highly qualified and experienced treasurers have done to do just that.

As you will read in the very first article, perhaps one of the most important characteristics of great leadership is self-awareness. This is evident in all the interviews contained herein. It is quite remarkable, in fact, that this is a truly single, unifying comment made by a number of those interviewed, including Sarah Schaus at Allianz, Cris Barros of Mosaic, John Tus of Honeywell, Darren McCallon of TrueBlue, and Dana Laidhold from The Carlyle Group.

Make sure you read the 10 Leadership Tips from Cris and the 10 Rules of Treasury Leadership from John, as well as all the other articles included in Thoughts and Best Practices for Leadership.
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