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AFP Top 10 in 2016: Cybersecurity, FX & More

  • By AFP Staff Writers
  • Published: 12/30/2016

If you have been following us on twitter (@AFPonline) you know that we have been counting down our top content and favorite member benefits from 2016. Let’s recap the best of AFP from the past year.

  1. AFP Collaborate

    AFP’s newest member benefit lets treasury and finance corporate practitioners discuss issues, find solutions and discover new ideas in a safe, private online community.

  2. 2016 AFP Annual Conference Highlights

    When thousands of treasury and finance professionals get together with boundless energy, insights and ideas, they create the must-attend event for treasury and finance. Here’s a snapshot of the vast array of innovative speakers and events that made a splash in Orlando.

  3. AFP Conversations Podcast

    The world of treasury and finance is filled with great storytellers looking to pass on their knowledge and experience. That is where AFP Conversations comes into play. Listen in as the only podcast for treasury and finance professionals welcomes industry experts and global leaders to share their stories.  

  4. AFP Emerging Leaders

    This new community within AFP allows corporate practitioners early in their careers to connect with their peers, share ideas, stay informed on important issues and perfect their skills.

  5. Trust, But Verify: How to Stop Business Email Compromise Attacks

    In 2016 you would think BEC scams would be a thing of the past, yet they keep affecting professionals around the world. In our top payments guide of the year, underwritten by MUFG Union Bank, learn how to minimize or even eliminate cyberthreats from your business altogether.

  6. FX Risk Management in a New Era of Volatility

    In a year filled with change and at times global insecurity it makes sense that our top Executive Guide, underwritten by Chatham Financial, revolves around FX risk management. Get tips and advice that can help you plan a strategy and policy to manage risk.

  7. AFP Guide to Big Data

    Big data continues to be a buzz word in 2016 and with new advancements in technology and the ability to utilize it better in financial planning and analysis, it will most likely continue to be a hot topic in 2017. Our top FP&A Guide for 2016 provides real-world examples of how companies are adopting big data strategies to help make better business decisions.

  8. Business Continuity Planning: Why Treasury Needs a Plan B

    Global insecurity and risk in 2016 are perfect examples of how disaster can strike at any moment. Having a plan B is sometimes just as important as having a solid plan A. Our top Treasury in Practice Guide, underwritten by Kyriba, can assist you in developing and implementing a continuity plan for your organization.

  9. 2016 AFP Compensation Survey

    Our top research piece for 2016 revealed that finance professionals realized a 3.6 percent gain in their base salaries during 2015, a decrease from the 4.1 percent increase in 2014. Discover more findings as well as how outside factors can influence salary and drive upward mobility.

  10. 6 Steps to an Effective Financial Statement Analysis

    Our most read article of the year revolved around effectively analyzing the financial statements of a firm. By following these six steps, a financial practitioner can better analyze the current state of their organizations finances and thus provide better decisions for future growth.

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