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AFP Payments: Treasurers Must Tighten their Cybersecurity

  • By Staff Writers
  • Published: 1/22/2015
This month, Payments looks at President Obama’s push for cybersecurity legislation, which would require businesses to notify their customers within 30 days of a security breach. The proposal builds upon the President’s recent executive order, which migrated government card payments to EMV chip-and-PIN and urged the private sector to do the same. However, most U.S. banks and retailers appear to be moving the chip-and-signature cards, rather than the more secure chip-and-PIN. While some experts have argued that a move to chip-and-PIN would be too onerous for U.S. consumers, others suspect that banks are reluctant to move to PIN because it would cost them much more than signature. Also in this issue, NACHA provides further details on its same-day ACH system, bitcoin continues to face major obstacles in the new year, and we receive some disturbing news about retail hacks.

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