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AFP FinNext Asia: Thriving in an Era of Exponential Change

  • By Brooke Ballenger
  • Published: 6/4/2021

The world is being profoundly changed by systems leveraging artificial intelligence, which is drastically changing the future of work, including how companies compete, what work is done by humans, and how FP&A professionals can adapt to add value to their organizations. Author and world-renowned future-of-work expert Ben Pring will discuss this topic during his Keynote speech at AFP FinNext Asia, taking place virtually 15-17 June 2021.

Pring is the head of thought leadership at Cognizant, co-founded and leads Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work, and is a member of Cognizant’s Executive Leadership Team. He was also named as one of 30 management thinkers to watch in 2020 by Thinkers 50, as well as a leading influencer on the future of work by Onalytica. AFP recently sat down with Pring to give a brief overview of what to expect during his keynote.

AFP: Tell us about your background. How did you get involved in thought leadership?

Pring: I have been a technology analyst my entire career; from working in managementben_pring consulting, to working with Gartner for many years, and then working with Cognizant. I have always been interested in technology and the future. I remember one summer sitting in my parents’ garden reading Arthur C. Clarke's 2001 Space Odyssey, and my mind was blown. The love of both science fiction and the future set me off on that journey.

AFP: Briefly describe your AFP FinNext Asia keynote speech. How does one succeed in a world of exponential change?

Pring: In my talk, I will be looking at some of the underlying technologies that are changing the world. I will also be looking at some of the underlying dynamics that are changing the way we work, such as the coronavirus pandemic. Ultimately, in a period of change, one succeeds and continues to be relevant by continuing to add value. Always remember that your personal role and challenge is to continue to add value and continue to be flexible in a period of transformation. The second you think you are done is the moment you are toast because there is no stability, spaces or status quo. You must face constant challenges to remain relevant. The only finish line is when you start cashing in your 401k.

AFP: What is one takeaway that you hope our audience gains from listening to your keynote?

Pring: I hope people listening to the keynote will gain inspiration and confidence that they can cope and thrive in the future, and that the future is exciting and not something to be feared. By understanding what is happening in technology, business, and society at large, one can continue to have an exciting future. If you come away from my talk inspired and with a sense of what is ahead, I have done my job.

AFP FinNext Asia, taking place virtually 15-17 June 2021, is a complementary event created exclusively for FP&A professionals. Register for the event and view the wide variety of relevant education sessions offered at the event here.

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