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AFP Executive Forum: Building a More Strategic Treasury

  • By Craig Martin
  • Published: 4/3/2017

In the days since the financial crisis, the treasury function has gradually become more strategic. Amid all the turmoil in the financial markets and geopolitically around the globe, treasury executives have become more involved in different areas of the organization—some of which have next to nothing to do with the treasury function itself. It is against this backdrop that the AFP Executive Forum, sponsored by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, comes to New York. Now in its 13th year, the Executive forum, formerly known as the CTC Corporate Treasurers Forum, will focus on expanding horizons by building a more strategic treasury function.

The event takes place May 21-23 at the Lotte New York Palace Hotel, and covers the most pertinent issues facing corporate treasury and finance executives. This year’s agenda includes such topics as global treasury structures, payments in the fintech world, capital structure and share buybacks, hedging FX and interest rates, investments in the post-money market fund reform era, and perhaps most timely—corporate tax reform.

Global Macro Analysis as a Tool for Corporate Treasurers

Treasurers need to be aware of the risks that are lurking around the corner, and that often requires looking for data in places where you might not expect it to be. The forum begins with a unique view of the financial markets and global economies from Maria Manna and Birgir Haraldsson, the co-founders of Nightberg. They work with a firm called Predata, which is comprised of former NSA and CIA analysts who scour social media to look for patterns in words and topics to make predictions. They did this leading up to the Brexit vote and the U.S. presidential election, and correctly predicted both outcomes.

Chief Treasury Officer: How to be More Strategic

The key theme of the Executive Forum kicks off in our second session, a panel discussion on what it would mean to have a “Chief Treasury Officer” in the organization. As the latest AFP Strategic Role of Treasury Survey reveals, treasury executives are building the case for joining the c-suite as they take on a multitude of new responsibilities. Three treasurers from three completely different industries discuss how they each wear multiple hats in their roles.  

The New World of Global Banking

Our luncheon speaker, Christian Meissner, is head of global and corporate investment banking for our sponsor, Bank of America Merrill Lynch. With global banking facing unprecedented transformation due to regulatory changes, political climates and digitization, Meissner provides a look at the key risks and opportunities that he pays closest attention to. 

Personal Brand, Professional Legacy

Later in the day, hear from Corrie Shanahan, CEO of the Beara Group LLC, who helps executives develop a strategy around growing their personal brands and professional legacies. As treasury executives seek to increase their influence both within their organizations and among their peers, they need to identify key components of their brand and improve their visibility.

An Insider's View on Corporate Tax Reform

Corporate tax reform has been on corporate treasurers’ minds for years, and now appears much closer to reality. Whatever changes lie ahead, the relationship between tax and treasury is more important than ever. In this session, we look at current tax proposals, the views of key policymakers, and how enacting significant changes to the tax code this year could impact your treasury organization.

The Importance of the Free Press in a Volatile World

Most of us take a free press for granted. Three-time Pulitzer Prize winning writer David Barstow from The New York Times closes out the forum with a talk about his experiences as an investigative journalist and his unique perspective on the importance of a free press.

So join us May 21-23 for the 13th Annual AFP Executive Forum, exclusively sponsored by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. In addition to helping you build a more strategic treasury or finance function, you’ll also hear some fascinating stories and gain some important insights into how the world really works. See you in New York.

Craig Martin is director of executive programs and treasury practice lead for AFP, as well as the producer of the AFP Executive Form.

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