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AFP Annual Conference: Big Ideas Under the Big Top

  • By Ira Apfel
  • Published: 6/5/2015
When Giovanni Edwards attended his first AFP Annual Conference last November, he was expecting some good networking opportunities, and to learn a thing or two about financial planning and analysis (FP&A).

What he wasn’t expecting was, as he put it, “Comic-Con for financial professionals.”

To be sure, when you gather more than 6,000 people in one place you’ll get some excitement. But those who attend the AFP Annual Conference have fun with a purpose—to experience the biggest event in treasury and finance. That mixture of thousands of professional colleagues, talking shop and learning from the best, excited Edwards.

“It was kind of cool,” Edwards said. “I thought it was neat to see so many aspects of finance brought together under one roof. The seminars were very informative and educational. And the keynote speakers were, I mean, wow. I kind of geeked out a little bit. They were awesome. I plan on coming back.”

Edwards learned about AFP in 2013 while pursuing his career in FP&A. He had just completed his MBA studies and was looking for a professional organization that focused on finance. “That’s where I came across AFP,” he said. “I want to take my career in a pure financial direction. I have a Wall Street background and I do quite a bit of quantitative analysis but I want to do more. I saw AFP as an organization that I could use to support that. Then I learned about the FP&A Certification and I signed up for it.”

With his interest in AFP piqued, Edwards journeyed to Washington, D.C. in November 2014 for his first AFP Annual. Among the highlights: hearing keynote speaker Tom Friedman discuss global economic challenges. “He was amazing,” Edwards said. “He was just so informative.”

Now an AFP member, Edwards plans on attending his second Annual Conference this October in Denver. “I think it’s a great organization,” he said. “I can’t wait for my next AFP Annual.”

This article appears in the June edition of AFP Exchange. Learn more about the 2015 AFP Annual Conference here.
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