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AFP 2017: FX, Cyber & Interest Rates Pose Big Risks

  • By Andrew Deichler
  • Published: 6/15/2017


Risks are coming from all directions this year, from volatile currency markets to escalating cyberthreats to rising interest rates. Luckily for you, we’re going to tackle these topics at AFP 2017 in San Diego.

This year’s risk management track features a wide range of sessions intended to help you mitigate different threats to your organization. This year’s track was created following an AFP Conference Planning Task Force meeting, in which treasury and finance professionals weighed in on the most prevalent risks they face today.

FX is clearly a major focus of financial professionals today, given the number of session proposals that AFP received on the topic, noted Craig Martin, director of executive programs and treasury practice lead for AFP, who was part of the task force. They group whittled the choices down to a handful of sessions, each centering on a different aspect of FX risk. “We needed one on exposures, one on hedge strategy, one on the various instruments to use in hedging, and then one on hedge accounting,” he said.

Hedge accounting in particular was important to include in the agenda, as new Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) rules are set to be adopted in early 2018. “FASB’s final statement on the new rules will be out later this year, so that’s why we want to have that session.” Martin said. “It should be a little easier to get hedge accounting treatment under the new rules.”

It also should come as no surprise that the tracks for both risk and payments this year feature sessions on cyberrisk. With unprecedented threats like the recent WannaCry ransomware attack, cybersecurity has never been a more pertinent topic. “If you’re talking risk management, you’ve got to talk cyberrisk,” Martin said.

Additionally, this year’s risk agenda features a session that delves into the nearly lost art of interest rate hedging. With interest rates finally on the rise, treasury departments need to stop putting rate hedging on the backburner. This session, which will feature insights from the latest AFP Treasury in Practice Guide on rate hedging, will help treasury professionals get their interest rate risk management strategy back on track.

Risks are rising across the board, and it’s absolutely imperative for treasury and finance professionals to familiarize themselves with them so they can plan for the future. So don’t miss AFP 2017, October 15-18 in San Diego. Register here.

Download AFP’s latest Treasury in Practice Guide, Implementing an Interest Rate Hedging Program, underwritten by Chatham Financial, here.

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