• How Sun Chemical’s In-House Bank Mitigates FX Volatility
    When Sun Chemical revamped its treasury group, integrating an in-house cash bank with its long-time notional pool was a key component, helping to manage FX exposures.
  • Today’s Most Important FP&A Challenge: Supporting Innovation
    The 2014 Key Issues survey by The Hackett Group found that risks related to competition, regulation and talent are gaining momentum and affecting the role of finance and general and of financial plann
  • Interest Rates May Finally Rise—Much to Consumers’ Chagrin
    Prior to last December’s meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee, the Fed was purchasing $40 billion per month in agency mortgage-backed securities and $45 billion per month in longer-term Treasu
  • May 2014 Risk Newsletter
    The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is scheduled to take effect July 1. The May issue tells you all you need to know to prepare for this potentially burdensome new regulation. Plus, there’s
  • AFP Releases New FP&A Guide on Risk-Adjusted Forecasting
    AFP’s latest FP&A Guide, sponsored by Wdesk, outlines how risk-adjusted forecasting can work in practical terms. The guide includes interviews with over a dozen practitioners and experts, as well as e
  • How Businesses Can Hedge Cross-Border Balance Sheet Exposures
    This article addresses one particular category of currency risk: the risk associated with carrying financial assets or liabilities denominated in a currency other than the functional currency.
  • Why Treasurers Must Embrace – and Finance – Sustainability
    Sustainability is no longer about corporate citizenship or philanthropy. It’s absolutely critical to the life of companies—and sustainability starts with treasurers. That’s the message Andrew
  • April 2014 Risk Newsletter
    Currency devaluations across the globe are challenging multinationals. John Hintze examines how MNCs are dealing with this latest FX hurdle. Meanwhile, new AFP research finds that credit card fraud is
  • Currency Devaluations Challenge Multinationals Selling Abroad

    Currencies around the world have weakened relative to the U.S. dollar, a boon to multinationals buying supplies in dollars but less so for companies selling into those m

  • Report: Canadian Dollar Tops List of Most Volatile Currencies
    The Canadian dollar (CAD) surprisingly tied with the Brazilian Real (BRL) to top FireApps' list of the most volatile currencies in the fourth quarter of 2013. But for the first time ever, the
  • Determining Where Risk Management Should Begin
    As with any risk, recognizing its mere existence doesn’t necessarily translate to mandatorily hedging it. When, then, should a recognized price exposure be hedged?
  • Why the RMB is Having Trouble Catching On with Corporates
    Many corporates are eschewing using the Chinese renminbi (RMB) due to the complications and rules surrounding it. Now a top 10 payments currency, SWIFT reported this week that the RMB has overtaken th
  • Managing the Risks of a Fractured Geopolitical Environment
    Today’s fractured geopolitical environment threatens to undermine corporates' ability to deal with global issues. Success will require flexibility, foresight and fresh thinking about risk management.
  • FASB May Follow IASB on Hedge Accounting
    Some, but not all, companies following accounting guidelines from the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) can now account for hedges more accurately—and indications point to U.S. hedge-acc
  • Bottom Line: Winning Through Thinking
    AFP members are thinking of risks differently. The 2014 AFP Risk Survey, underwritten by Oliver Wyman and summarized in this issue, shows that businesses are worrying more about new c
  • Strategies for Managing a Weaker Canadian Dollar
    Over the latter part of the past year, the Canadian dollar sank about 6 percent against the United States dollar. The declining CAD reflects a shift in monetary policy, as a new central bank head took
  • Survey: Treasurers Are Confused and Unprepared for EMIR Rule
    The European Market Infrastructure Regulation for swap reporting takes effect February 12, but a new poll found that 52 percent of corpo
  • FX Risk Management Moves toward Decentralization
    The ramifications of a changing financial landscape for treasury and financial professionals that are tasked with mitigating the risks associated with transactions denominated in foreign currencies wi
  • Emerging Market Volatility Paints a Murky Picture for 2014
    The year has got off to a shaky start for several of the world’s emerging market economies. Turkey, India and South Africa all raised interest rates last week to counter their weakening currencies.
  • Bitcoin Breakdown: JPMorgan’s Dimon Predicts Bitcoin’s End

    JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon denounced Bitcoin earlier this week, and even predicted its demise. "It's a terrible store of value," he said.

  • AFP Survey: Finance Execs Focused on Competitors, Customers
    Despite a slowly improving economy, finance executives haven’t relaxed when it comes to risk management because a new set of threats is keeping them up at night, according to the The 2014 AFP Risk Sur
  • Report: More Financial Risk Management Needed
    The increased pressure of market volatility following the financial crisis led to a growing awareness of the need for expert insight to adequately managing financial risk beyond traditional approaches
  • Study: Nearly $4B in FX Losses in Q3 2013
    The net quarterly impact from currency volatility in Q3 2013 totaled at least $3.96 billion in losses, according to research by FiREapps. The average currency impact to earnings per share (EPS) was $0
  • January 2014 Risk Newsletter
    What’s ahead in 2014? What should treasury and risk professionals prepare for in the New Year? A new FiREapps study offers advice on foreign currency while Chatham Financial advises
  • Bloomberg Exec: Sustainability Disclosures Are 'When, Not If '
    The Executive Institute at last week’s 2013 AFP Annual Conference concluded with a look at a very specific brand of leadership—spearheading an effort to make a business more sustainable. In a luncheon
  • This Week in Corporate Finance: Too Big to Rescue?
    The markets, having survived last week’s brush with death in regard to Greece, were roiled again this week in response to the news out of Italy. The great apprehension with Italy is the fear it is TBT
  • Irrational Numbers
    Amid the financial market turmoil in August, exchange rates shifted rapidly and substantially. As investors turned pessimistic on global economic prospects, they bought into safe havens such as the Ja
  • Period Piece: Periodicity in Cash Flow Forecasting
    The word 'periodicity' may sound funny, but this forecasting tool offers serious results.
  • AFP Comments on Derivatives Markets Legislation
    Through the use of derivatives, prudent treasurers have played a critical role in mitigating risk for their companies and limiting damage to American businesses' balance sheets due to the unprecedente